Speaker Agreement

  • The virtual EPIC Entrepreneur Conference 12- 14 June 2020

    This agreement is made and entered into by and between

    The Lions Den (hereinafter referred to as TLD)

    Company Registration Nr 2012/111275/07 - VAT: 4940288626



    This agreement is for SPEAKER to participate in EPIC ENTREPRENEUR CONFERENCE 12-14 June 2020

    (hereinafter referred to as TLD Event)

    1.1. TLD and SPEAKER mutually agree that all parties shall be released from any/all liability or damages if either TLD or SPEAKER are unable to fulfill the terms of this agreement due to an act of God, illness or physical disability, acts or regulations of public authorities, labour difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, flood, fire, interruption or delay of transportation, or any other cause beyond the control of the parties.


    2.1. TLD will be in charge of the entire process including the entire events, webinars and administration including the collection and handling of all monies.

    2.2. SPEAKER agrees to follow the process set out by TLD on behalf of SPEAKER during and post the event.

    2.3. Product pricing will be agreed in advance for the products or services offered on behalf of SPEAKER by TLD.

    2.4. Should a delegate choose to pay for a SPEAKER’s product or service in installments, TLD  will be responsible for collecting the balance of monies owing.

    2.5. TLD may charge an additional fee to delegates who make payment in installments in order to cover the admin costs involved in processing all installments. Unless otherwise agreed upon, this fee is exclusively for TLD.

    2.6. As per South African Tax Law, Value Added Tax (VAT) in the amount of 15% (Fifteen percent) has to be paid on all transactions. All pricing for products and/or service offerings will therefore need to be inclusive of 15% (Fifteen percent) VAT. (See Point 8)

    2.7. TLD has an affiliate system with Kartra where all sales made on behalf of the SPEAKER will be recorded and updated continuously. A link to the SPEAKER page on this programme will be shared with the SPEAKER a day before the event. SPEAKER will have access to view this programme at any time in order to see all recorded sales, monies paid and information on unpaid for potential sales.


    3.1. SPEAKER will need to complete and return the registration form, unless already completed):  



    4.1. During live event and during additional promoted webinars after the event where products or services are sold:

          4.1.1. 5% (five percent) will be due to TLD off the top on all monies collected to pay for Credit Card, Bank and Admin related fees

          4.1.2. 50% (fifty percent) commission is payable to SPEAKER for all agreed sales of all/any service offering/s made on behalf of SPEAKER (after 5% deduction as per 4.1.1.)

          4.1.3. 25% (twenty percent) to affiliate who got the person to sign up (this can also be the SPEAKER)

          4.1.4. 25% (twenty five percent) commission payable to TLD


    5.1. TLD will provide all applicants with a 5 working day (five) Cooling Off Period after their first investment has been received, adhering to the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa.

      5.1.1. This cooling off period is only valid if the product or service is not delivered within the cooling off period.

      If the product or service is delivered within the cooling off period, the cooling off period and applicable refund will not apply.

      5.1.2. A 90% (Ninety Percent) refund will be made to the applicant upon receipt of their cancellation notice within the cooling off period. The 10% (Ten Percent) balance will be kept by TLD to cover all bank and admin related costs and the time of our team to handle the refund process.

    5.2. Should any applicant cancel their application after the 5 (five) Day Cooling Off Period, they will not receive a

    refund but can transfer their ticket to another of the same event or towards another event/product offered by TLD and its partners.

    5.3. If either party feels there is grounds for a cancellation or refund outside of the 5 (five) Day Cooling Off Period, it will be presented to the TLD refunds committee and a final decision will be made at the committee weekly meeting.


    6.1. After an event or activity, TLD may follow up with prospects who have indicated their interest in SPEAKER’s offering.

    6.2. TLD may hand over to SPEAKER the details of any prospects who have indicated their interest in SPEAKER’s offering but require additional information that TLD is unable to provide to them, before finalizing their decision to apply for SPEAKER’s offering. SPEAKER will be responsible for closing the deal, but should have the client complete the purchase through TLD’s sales pages to correctly allocate commissions.


    7.1. Every SPEAKER (or promoter) will have two personalised affiliate links and all sales will be managed through The Lions Den Kartra system. All affiliate income will reflect immediately and be visible in the affiliate backend system (one link is for marketing, inviting attendees to register:  SPEAKER can earn 25% of any sale by an attendee, as referral commission;  the other link is for the SPEAKER upsell - all sales that a SPEAKER concludes from their Service/Product, as offered during own SPEAKER’s presentation - earning the SPEAKER 50% commission)

    7.2. All affiliate payments will be made once a month (at end of the month)

     7.3. All speaker payments will be made once a month (at end of the month)

     7.4. Local payments may take a day or two extra depending on how quickly the money moves from the  US account to our local accounts

     7.5. Should SPEAKER owe money to TLD, such monies will be deducted from SPEAKER’s commission         before any payments are made to SPEAKER.


    8.1. As per South African Tax Law, Value Added Tax (VAT) in the amount of 15% (fifteen percent) has to be paid on all transactions.

    8.2. Should SPEAKER have a South African bank account and be VAT registered, the amount due for the service offering (including VAT) but less TLD’s commissions will be paid to SPEAKER. SPEAKER will therefore be responsible for paying the VAT to SARS (the South African Revenue Services).

    8.3. Should SPEAKER not have a South African Bank account or not be VAT registered, then TLD will pay SPEAKER the amount due for the service offering excluding the VAT and less TLD’s commissions. TLD will therefore be responsible for paying the VAT to SARS.


    9.1. TLD has the right to use appropriate photos and material sourced directly from SPEAKER or  SPEAKER’s website to promote the relevant event that SPEAKER is speaking at.

    9.2.SPEAKER authorizes TLD to use his/her name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of any aspect of the presentation including rebroadcast on a “virtual” basis.

    10. MATERIAL

    10.1. SPEAKER warrants and represents that the presentation, handouts, and related materials are factually accurate and contain no matter libelous or otherwise unlawful.

    10.2. SPEAKER further warrants that such presentation, handouts, and related materials are either

       10.2.1. SPEAKER’s own original material, or

       10.2.2. Available for use without permission because they are in the public domain.

    10.3. When materials utilized in the presentation are not SPEAKER’s own original work or in a public domain,        they are either

       10.3.1 Presented with the permission of the originator/owner of the material, or

       10.3.2 Are believed to be within the “fair use” exemption of copyright law, which includes use for purposes of criticism, news reporting, commentary, teaching, and research.

     10.4. SPEAKER understands that permissions granted to TLD under this agreement does not prohibit  

    SPEAKER from using the Presentation including handouts or other materials utilized in the Presentation for TLD in the future or in SPEAKER’s professional or personal work.


    11.1. This Agreement shall be entered into South Africa and any action brought under this Agreement or to interpret this Agreement shall be governed pursuant to the laws of South Africa.


    12.1. This Agreement constitutes the only endorsed Agreement between the parties. Any changes, additions or deletions will only be accepted if put in writing and endorsed and agreed to by both parties.

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