R13-a-day Life challenge

WHAT IF your R13 could save a life today?

The devastating effects of COVID-19 are catastrophic to those who may die from starvation, exposure and malnutrition.


A message from our President

The Lions Den’s mMb.gives is supporting SDI Force (an initiative by Supplier Development Initiatives) as they raise funds to donate food parcels to these exact people who face starvation, exposure and malnutrition.

Take Modiwe, a leader of a group of waste pickers whose daily income received from collecting trash disappeared the day South Africa went into lockdown, tragically reducing Modiwe to zero income and zero food.


This lady is 70 years old and she’s looking after a 2 year old. She is part of the waste picker group and used to make R40 per week.


SDI Force has managed to get food parcels at reduced rates and are able to feed one person twice a day for as little as R13 per day.

We need your help to share this on your Facebook page and networks and ask people to donate even R13 which will keep one person alive for one day.


Let’s challenge our family, friends and colleagues to the the same.

See SDI Force in action

Photos of handouts

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