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Innergy Therapy is created to remove emotions and beliefs that prevent you from achieving your unlimited potential and well-being.

Are you feeling stuck? Would you like to make changes in your life? Do you feel unhappy with yourself? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Are your relationships suffering and you are unsure what to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the right therapy for you.

Innergy Therapy has the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs, treats emotional problems and trauma, puts an end to fears, empower you to achieve your goals, offers you inner peace, teaches you how to grow harmonious relationships among other benefits.

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About Innergy Therapy

The healing practice inclinations started in 1999, when I was certified as Reiki Master. Even though I was passionate about this healing technique, I worked just as a volunteer, but never intended to work as a practitioner because my limited beliefs did not allow me to choose it as a professional career, instead decided to keep working in Corporate America, which I did for more than 20 years.

When I found out my mother had terminal cancer, 8 months before she passed away, I decided to move back to my native country Peru to help her cope with her new challenges. During that time, I offered her daily healing therapy to alleviate her pain and bring her peace. At the beginning she didn’t “believe” in this “thing” as she referred to it, but after feeling the peace and joy and the freedom of her pain, she asked me to continue offering this healing practice. This led me to realize that this was my life mission and that I couldn’t wait anymore to work full time in this field, so decided to follow my heart and dedicate my life doing something that I really love which is to enhance and empower people’s lives, especially women.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Advanced Thetahealer, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Therapist, Systemic Constructor Practitioner, and also obtained certifications in Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, among other holistic tools that will allow me to remove your limiting emotions and/or beliefs to open up your path for happiness, health, and success.

Looking forward to meeting you online and welcoming you to Innergy Therapy!
– Lucia Núñez Lanatta

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What we offer

A customized and unique experience would be offered just for you to help you achieve your unlimited potential!

Even if you are a high performer, you may experience frustration, stress, anger, fear, among other emotions than prevent you for making changes in your life and create the life of your dreams.

Limiting beliefs are often about our self-identify and it could be about rights, abilities, duties, among others. These were “programed” by our parents and/or our own experiences. However, we can liberate ourselves and get rid of what doesn’t serve us to fully be, empower ourselves and reach our goals.

This online session would start with an interview to understand your goal. It is tailored to the necessities of each seeker. Therefore, based on your needs, a mix of techniques such as Theta Healing, Systemic Construction, Energy Healing, among other holistic therapies would be applied to reach your greatness!

• Duration: 30 – 60 minutes
• Offered via WhatsApp, Facetime, or Google Meet
• It is offered in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

This is not related to any specific religion, but recognizes all of them with the aim to become closer with the Creator.

A percentage of its profits is donated to Lotus House, an organization that improves the lives of women, youth, and children experiencing homelessness.


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This program includes:
3 Online Innergy Therapy sessions
1 Online Energy Balancing session
1 Online mentoring session
4 – 15 minutes coaching video calls

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Laura H.


Lucia is a rare find! I felt immediately comfortable, safe, and understood. Lucia is helping me with releasing things Ive been holding to since childhood. She does not sugar coat things either, she will be very honest and I really appreciate that. I always feel amazing after one of her sessions. Thank you Lucia!

Laura H. – Shore Excursion Manager (California)

Vania H.


In my first session with Lucia, she was able to perceive an important issues that needed to be healed. Since then I have been consulting with her on a regular basis and I can attest that she helped me to transform my life. Now I feel renewed, excited and happy.

Vania H. – Founder of The Lost Lobos (Canada)

Clara Mori


Antes de la terapia me sentia muy apesumbrada, triste y como que si tuviese un costal de arena en los hombros. Después de la terapia, sentí que me quitaron el costal de mis hombros. Mi estado anímico mejoró mucho. Muchas gracias!

Clara Mori (Perú)

Amy Conwell


All I can say is wow! Working with Lucia opened my heart, cleared my mind, and inspired me to view my generational patterning differently. I felt the shift. My perspective has opened to include my past instead of judging everyone and everything. She helped me to let go of unhealthy attachment and abandonment issues. With Lucia’s gentle guidance I recognize I am not alone.
Thank you so much for all your help 🤓🙏❤️

Amy Conwell – Mentor and Addictions Therapist (Pennsylvania)

Luciana Ferri


The therapy was both relaxing and inspirational, and helped me to bring an enlightened vision on how to achieve my goals. In the end she walked me through my spiritual strengths in a very candid and opened conversation. I felt restored and peaceful when I left. It was really helpful!

Luciana Ferri – Lawyer (Brasil)

Pamela L.O

Antes de hacer la sesión sentía que siempre tenía que estar ocupada haciendo muchas cosas a la vez y que necesitaba un tiempo para encontrarme conmigo misma.
Mientras estaba en la sesión me sentí muy tranquila. Esta terapia me ha ayudado a sentirme más relajada y hacer las cosas sin prisa y con más calma.

Pamela L.O – Directora de Desarrollo de Negocios (Perú)

Zuleika Zigahn


Gratidão a Lucia pelo seu trabalho iluminado. Tive uma experiencia realmente incrível. Com sua energia pura, e serena, emanou o bem o tempo todo durante o processo. Sai da sessão, leve e com questões intuitivamente elucidadas. Um trabalho maravilhoso que sensibiliza e equilibra. Super recomendo para quem busca estar bem consigo mesmo e para quem cuida de seu interior.

– Zuleica Zigahn – Real Estate Agent (Brasil)

Gina W.


I came to Lucia to explore an area of professional development that I needed clarity with. Lucia was able to pinpoint exactly what was needed to attend to first personally and facilitated a highly customized session, using her unique blend of wisdom, knowledge and skills. I now have clarity and confidence moving forward both personally and professionally. Thank you, Lucia!

Gina W. – Community Development (Australia)

Carol Schumacher


Lucia helped me find a solution for a problem that has been blocking me from moving forward in my life. With her powerful sessions, she helped me connect to the root of the issue and initiated healing. Now, I can create a new chapter of my life with light, joy, much love, and according to my desires! I highly recommend her therapeutic approach. Thank you, Lucia!

Carol Schumacher, Certified Health Coach (Germany)

Karla Tarape


It was a great experience and therapy. I felt lighter after the session! Never thought that I was dealing with certain issues that needed to be addressed to be able to move on in my life. After the therapy, my past experiences that didn’t bring me joy, became memorable and was treasured in a special space in my heart.

Karla Tarape, Alchemy Yoga Founder (Vietnam)

Gina Ledee


Decidí tener la sesión con Lucia porque no me sentía bien. Durante la terapia, surgieron a flote emociones y sentimientos que desconocía. Al terminar logré visualizar muchas cosas con una perspectiva mayor y sentí una profunda paz.

Gina Ledee – Sales Manager (Puerto Rico)

Luciana Lopes


Lucia is a kind, gifted, empathetic healer. She has given me tools to have a new outlook for my life!

Luciana Lopes – Physical Therapist (Miami)

Luciana Ferri


The therapy helped me to bring up an enlightened vision on how to work on my problems to achieve my goals.
In the end, she walked me through my spiritual strengths in a very candid and open conversation. I felt restored. It was really helpful!

Luciana Ferri – Lawyer (Brazil)

Monica Sweet


As well as making me feel renewed and full of energy, she guided me through the daily cares and routines necessary for a positive and open outlook on life, transforming my day to day. Super recommend my experience.

Monica Sweet – Entrepreneur (Paris)

Juliana Moreira


After the therapy, my strength was enhanced with my capability to love. I was opened up to the people around me and also to my relationships. Peace was inside of me.

Juliana Moreira – CEO of Eva Bringslife (Brazil)

Lucas Carrizo


Estuve completamente ahogado por una desilusión amorosa, buscaba respuestas y me llenaba de culpas, pero con la guía y terapia de Lucía, logre confortar mi espíritu y encontrar la paz y felicidad conmigo mismo.

Lucas Carrizo – CMO Revista Azeta (Argentina)

Mari Novoa

Lucia gave me a safe space to open up and helped me deal with the roots of the issues I was struggling with, not just the symptoms. With her help I learned to channel my emotions, identify and accept them and help me to deal with them with joy.

Mari Novoa – Civil Engineer (Miami)

Susy Meza , Gerente de Operaciones (Perú)


“Conocí a Lucía cuando me encontraba con un cuadro de depresión y estrés; estaba con descanso médico porque no podía trabajar en ese estado y tenía mucho miedo a perder el trabajo por estar así. En poco tiempo Lucía eliminó mi depresión y miedos, me ayudó a estar segura de mi, a estar en paz y feliz conmigo misma. Gracias a Lucia estoy lista para emprender nuevos retos y proyectos.”

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