Unlocking your tension and pain, safely, gently and effectively!


BSR is an effective technique that assists your body to release stress that is locked into your body, allowing your body to restore self healing so that it can function optimally!

BSR is a gentle yet effective technique that will assist your body to heal itself optimally!

To prevent issues from returning we offer ergonomic advice so that your body will function to the best of its ability in the future

BSR addresses all aspects of stress: physical, emotional and chemical stress

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About Body Stress Release with Maria Mackenzie

Body Stress Release is a unique complementary health technique that was researched and developed in South Africa in the 1980s by Gail and Ewald Meggersee and is now practiced worldwide. The need to develop this technique arose from Ewald Meggersee’s debilitating pain he suffered from, after he fell out of a tree at the age of five.

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What we offer

The Body Stress Release technique is built on the premise of using the body as a highly sophisticated biofeedback system.

I interpret the body’s reflex responses to accurately ascertain sites of stored tension and muscle contraction.

Once the source of the body stress has been identified, I release the affected areas with a series of gentle precise movements that will stimulate the nervous system and activate the body’s self healing response.

As pressure is released from the nerves, the client may experience immediate relief from both pain and muscle stiffness, and even correction of distorted posture.

Usually this is the case if the body stress has occurred recently – then the recovery process is very rapid and the muscle tone and equilibrium is quickly re-established.

However, if the body stress has been present for a long time, it will be necessary for a number of consecutive releases to be carried out over a period of time, thus allowing the layers of tightened muscles to progressively relax back to their normal tone.


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Helen Horat


I started seeing Maria in 2019 after the death of my beloved dog. Physically I was fine, but the emotions and grief I felt, started affecting me in many areas of my life. I experienced a real turn around after each session with her. I was more relaxed and started sleeping better. Not only does she have the most healing touch, her whole peaceful and beautiful character is like ointment on an open wound. The various tips of advice eg Lavendar essential oil on my pillow, I will continue for the rest of my life. I moved out of the area so have not been back to her for a few months but would happily drive the distance just to hear her voice, see her smile and experience the calm after a session with her. xxx

Michelle Taylor


I’ve been going for Body Stress Release for more than 30 years and I’ve been a client of Maria for about 15 years. BSR is always where I go if I’m experiencing any kind pain, numbness, sciatica, lower back, neck, shoulder pain or discomfort and overall realignment. Maria is a wonderful and skilled BSR practitioner. I’ve had so many healing successes over the years and highly recommend her Body Stress Release treatments.



Maria is not of this earth. I began seeing her in 2017 after failed attempts to fall pregnant.
Aside from the incredible healing she’s brought me physically, the emotional and spiritual enrichment I am given through her professional care is phenomenal. She always offers advice and is on call to fit you in if it’s an emergency.
She walked a 2 year fertility journey with me and was a champion for my struggles, celebrating every obstacle overcome along the way.
Aside from that, I have also needed help to support my daily needs, due to a physical disability and herniated discs in my lumbar spine.
I consider having found her service as an absolute gift from God. I can’t wait to see her again.

Ps. She’s also worked with my newborn twins and helped them overcome issues with sleep and colic. An angel on earth.



I need Maria’s help urgently, I am suffering with nerve pain and she has been the only one who has been able to help me. I have using body stress relief since the beginning when the Meggersees started it and this is the first time that I am stranded without the help I so desperately need. Maria is a Godsend and should be allowed to operate both for my physical and mental health !!



Maria should be rated an ‘essential service’. I have suffered with back issues since my twenties, which slowly worsened with age, but it was a week’s confinement in hospital a few years ago, with me unable to move, which was the straw that broke this back – as it were! I was introduced to BSR via a mutual friend and haven’t looked back. For me regular BSR keeps me free of injury and I can feel the difference in how I move after each session. My daughter also has a severe scoliosis and BSR has also become a non-negotiable in her life as well. BSR and Maria are an absolute godsend!!



I have suffered with panic attacks and insomnia for years which i was managing with chronic meds. On making the decision that I no longer wanted to continue with chronic meds and hearing about Maria, my journey of healing started. Maria is just one of the kindest most professional humans I have met. She respects her patients and treats one with the utmost respect. I no longer take chronic meds to manage my panic attacks and with the continued help of Maria my journey to ultimate health continues. Maria has changed my life and my monthly visits will continue for as long as I am on this earth. Maria not only cares for her clients but one of my little daschunds has a chronic disease and when she came out of hospital a few months ago, Maria very kindly agreed to work her magic touch on my little dog who absolutely loved Maria’s touch and the change I saw in my dog was amazing. Thank you for the person that you are Maria and for caring for your clients the way you do.

Samantha Burt


Maria is just the BEST! BSR changed my life too when i first discovered it 8 yrs ago!! i too have had many a pinched nerve or back spasms and Maria from BSR is just the best person to sort it out in as quickly as just 1 session. I strictly believe in going for your once a month maintanance session just to keep releasing the tension that gets locked up from the daily stresses of life! Thank you Maria for always being so gentle and caring and just and amazing bubbly happy person!

Chris Watkins-Baker


Maria has helped me many times off and on over the past 8 years. I am a 67 year old male and although fit and healthy, every so often my lower back slips and I am in pain. Using proven techniques Maria corrects the problem and realigns my posture with only one or two sessions. I will personally recommend her to anyone who needs relief from lower back pain.



I am a 32 year old female, and have been with Maria for 10 years now. I suffer with severe anxiety, and in turn, experience terrible body aches and pains due to tension and build up. In the beginning I never knew what these pains were from, and would end up at every specialist trying to pin point what’s wrong. I experienced a lot of dizziness, and then nausea. This of course made my worry and anxiety even worse. Eventually, after falling into a dark depression, not able to get out of bed for 5 weeks, not eating, my Aunt mentioned BSR to me. She had been to Maria herself. It took a lot for me to get out of bed and give this a try, but it has changed my life, and I am so thankful that I went. BSR has been amazing for me. Currently I am going twice a month. I am amazed at how my body reacts to this technique and how quickly it releases. I would advise this to anyone experiencing any kind of body discomfort or pains. Often it is a referred pain, and we are treating the wrong area of our body. BSR works on all areas and teaches the body to heal itself.
Maria is just lovely, her kind and caring nature put you at ease. I really look forward to my sessions.

Karen Eddy


As a family we were introduced to BSR with Maria as our practitioner about 15 years ago. We have never looked back. Maria has been professional, always accommodating and extremely intuitive when working on us, at all times. BSR has most definitely helped us with all back issues especially with my husband, Tony. We do a monthly appointment and it truly alleviates all serious back problems, digestive, stress and many other issues. As a family there is no doubt in our mind that Maria is an exceptional practitioner taking her work extremely seriously but over and above that she is the most beautiful, kind and warm person. We would highly recommend her to anyone. 🌺

Shakira Mohamed


Since being introduced to BSR, I cannot live without it. It has become an essential need in my life. I suffer anxiety and BSR is the only thing that calms me, releases the tensions my body endures and gives me the relief I feel during the difficult times. Maria works her magic and makes everything better. I wouldn’t use anyone else to do BSR with. BSR should definitely become and essential service… Well at least Maria. I miss you and can’t wait for you to work your magic again.

Angela Brown


As a family, we have known about and experienced BSR since its inception in South Africa. Over the last few years I have been receiving BSR from Maria. This therapy is an absolute godsend. I suffer from anxiety that causes underlying physical pain, in particular tension in my jaw, shoulders and lower back, as well as problems with arthritic aches and pains. I see Maria on a monthly basis to keep these issues in check. She is a deeply caring individual, and constantly checks up to make sure I am coping – I don’t know what I would do without her!



BSR sessions with Maria form an important part of my fibromyalgia management plan .I have been to her every month for many years for what I call my tuneups! She brings such feelings of ease, peace and calm to my whole body. My children , too, tell me when they need to see Maria- my daughter for stress and tension and my teenage son for rugby related issues.I have recommended Maria to many family members and friends as well as several of the young children I have taught over the years for everything from accident related trauma to “growing pains”. Maria is friendly, kind and caring and this, together with the BSR techniques and her healing hands create a wonderful sense of wellbeing and true physical healing.



BSR sessions with Maria form an important part of my fibromyalgia management plan .I have been to her every month for many years for what I call my tuneups! She brings such feelings of ease, peace and calm to my whole body. My children , too, tell me when they need to see Maria- my daughter for stress and tension and my teenage son for rugby related issues.I have recommended Maria to many family members and friends as well as several of the young children I have taught over the years for everything from accident related trauma to “growing pains”. Maria is friendly, kind and caring and this, together with the BSR techniques and her healing hands create a wonderful sense of wellbeing and true physical healing.

Suzaan Carmichael


Maria changed my life + – 14 years ago, and opened my eyes to a completely different way of healing my body. With BSR she has helped me cope with injuries, chronic issues as well as ways to improve my posture and preventative measures to injury. She also assisted with both my children, when they were New Borns, with spinal alignment and silent reflux issues. I have always felt that I’m in the best “hands” and care when having a BSR session done by Maria. She’s very intuitive, compassionate and caring. I highly recommend her service to anyone in need.

Michelle Hill


I have been going to Maria for many many years. She has saved me from the ER a dozen times when my back gets locked and goes into spasm and I can’t move! When I first was told about BSR I never believed it would work so I wasted precious years until nothing else worked and I have never looked back! Maria will often pick up other areas of stress and tension. A session with Maria can literally be life changing. From not being able to walk properly or sit comfortably for too long to being able to do exercises and stretches. She is totally amazing. She is the most compassionate and caring person. My only regret was that I never went sooner. Maria you and your BSR deserve more than 5 stars!!!

Frances Hills


Maria is the best technician I have ever work on me. My back injury happened while I was dancing. I am now over 70 and with Maria’s healing hands I walk up countless stairs, I exercise and lift and carry my two grand children 4 and two. Without this amazing treatment I would not be able to do all this. The most amazing treatment that is kind and effective I just love going when ever I get a little twinge. Thank you so much.

Noeleen Dahn


I started going to Maria shortly after repatriating back to SA in about 2010. Since my 2nd pregnancy in 2003, I had struggled terribly with my lower back. The long flights home were a killer… Even sitting through a movie was hell. My sister recommended Maria, and I have never looked back. After 4 sessions I felt like a new person… I’m fact of I recommend her, I tell people, I’ll give you my angel’s number… She’ll sort you out. BSR is incredible. As a teacher, I have returned to Maria many times with “teacher’s shoulder” and she works her magic. I highly recommend her and the practise of BSR!

Celeste Ketteringham

Years ago I had a neck operation that left me in a lot of pain. I battled on for a few years like that before I started going for BSR. It has helped me tremendously to manage pain and to cut back on pain and anti inflammatory medications. In addition to that Maria has taught me so much about having good posture and how it effects your back. I go every 3 weeks and it has changed my life. I appreciate what Maria has done for me through BSR and she has become a dear friend.



BSR has helped me over the past few years. It release tension & saw muscles, back ace, pinched nerves and manny more. I go once a month and l can say that it really works and the best is that it is natural no medication is need

Vincent Horrigan


I have suffered with back pain most of my life and found that BSR was the only procedure that gave me permanent relief. I have been going to Maria for years and have found her to be very knowledgeable. She also has a bubbly personality which makes the visits to her a great experience. In addition, she offers a special rate to pensioners which is a big plus when going for monthly ‘maintenance’. I have recommended her to many friends and my wife and daughter also go to her.



I have been going to Maria for many years now and was absolutely amazed at how the body stress relief helped with my lower back pain, shoulders, neck as well as general stress in my body. I work in a very stressful environment, working for a service provider. As soon as I feel any niggle or pain in my body, I immediately make an appointment with Maria knowing that I will have relief almost immediately. I can give many examples of times when I was unable to move after pinching a nerve or just terrible pains in my lower back where Maria came to my aid. I will never stop going to Maria. I go even when I don’t necessary have serious pain, just for the realignment and maintenance. She is wonderful and I can easily recommend her services. I have sent many people to Maria who all had problems and were very happy with the Body Stress Relief results. You won’t be sorry.
Thank you Maria



Firstly, Maria is an amazing person. I hate going for massages as I always feel so uncomfortable. With Maria, I feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. She is easy to talk to or I can just relax quietly whilst listening to relaxing music.
Secondly, when I was referred to Maria I had such intense pain in my right hip that I ended up in hospital and was referred to a back specialist not to mention all the scans etc and no one could tell me what was wrong. I could not walk properly or drive.
Maria started working on my back and by the second visit I had a lot of pain in my back but also then realized that my back was so bad I no longer felt pain there, hence the pain triggers in my thigh and leg.
After a few sessions I felt human again and my back got better after each visit and all the pain in my hip and thigh disappeared.
I go for follow up visits when I realise I am over-doing it.
If you have pain or discomfort, this is a must. Book that appointment now. 🌸
Maria can do wonders for any body related stress you may be experiencing plus she has so much knowledge regarding natural remedies too.

Sandy Willmott


Maria has helped over the years not only with problems with hip back etc but also with stress
Highly recommend

Helen Fabricius


I went to Maria with pains in my lower back and shoulders, many years ago.
In my first consultation, Maria found injuries that I had sustained many years previously ( things that I had forgotten about) which were causing my problems.
She also taught me the correct way to sit .
Incorrect posture can cause pain in ones body.
Tension , grief and stress can also manifest itself as pain in various parts of ones body.
This treatment is not pulling and pushing your body into strange positions.
It is not a fancy massage technique.
Please read other reviews which may explain BSR in a better way than I can .
I dont really care HOW it works….I just know that it DOES work .
Please contact Maria.

Heilene das Neves


I am a 41 year old woman and have had BSR since I was 21 for severe back pain. My first therapist past away and I had to go without treatment for years until I heard of Maria. Maria literally was God sent. It was a revelation to me when she said I could live pain free. With BSR maintenance every three weeks I live a relatively pain free life. Its hard to believe and it is such a non invasive treatment. I’ve referred tons of friends, none of them can believe it and all are converted now. I’m forever grateful for Maria, always willing to help whenever i’m in pain!

Julie Wedt


My name is Julie I would like to share my journey with Maria . I woke up one day with a headache I took two aspirin thinking my headache would go away . I was not a person who got headaches hardly ever .Two days later I still had a headache I decided to make an appointment with my GP . He gave me stronger painkillers but still the headache would not go away . I was convinced I had a brain tumor . My GP decided I needed to see a specialist , scanswere done no brain tumor couldn’t see anything wrong . More medication the headache was relentless it never went away . Physio needle stuck in everywhere nothing worked but a non stop headache . I was hospitalized three times put on drips heavy medication I had relief in hospital I cried as I was without a headache , but coming home from the hospital the headache returned very quickly , three months of constant pain I was suicidal but I am a Christian so I could never go through with it . A family friend mentioned Body Stress Release Maria Mackenzie. I was desperate I would try anything . Having a consultation with Maria she said I had damaged my spine . I said no never had backache before , I really thought Maria was in cuckoo land and this was waste of time but out of desperation I decided to give it a go . Maria explained this isn’t a quick fix I would need numerous appointments The pain had gone from my damaged spine up into my head . I had three appointments fairly close to each other where Maria did her BSR , I felt really awful after these sessions and had to rest up a lot . A couple more treatment s then , I woke up one morning no headache , well I cannot describe the relief the happiness to be pain free . I went for monthly
Treatments after that . It’s all about your posture etc . Maria has healing hands she is my Florence Nightingale. Had I known I would have gone to Maria first instead of last . I just want to say anyone reading this if you have pain go and see Maria I think she is Gods healing angel in disguise . Thank you Maria for keeping me pain free you absolutely rock !

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