LinkedIn Academy Agreement

Please sign the following Training and Commission Agreement

  1. DURATION AND RENEWALThis Agreement is effective from the date of last signature and shall, subject to the termination clause, be valid for 12 months, and on a month to month basis thereafter.
    1. Clients will remain clients of the Company for a 12 month period; thereafter the Clients will become clients of the LinkedIn Specialist.
    2. The Company will enter into an End User Agreement with Clients directly.
    1. The LinkedIn Specialist agrees that he/she will forfeit any rights with regard to Clients if he/she breaches or terminates this Agreement during the 12 month period. The Company will in such a case retain the Client from the time of breach and the LinkedIn Specialist will not be allowed to contact or solicit the Client, or derive any income from the Client, in any way for a period of 1 year thereafter.
    2. Should the LinkedIn Specialist breach or terminate this Agreement during the 12 months, he/she will be refused access to the “” tool, and will forfeit any administrative support from the Company from the time of breach.
    3. Should the LinkedIn Specialist not breach this Agreement during the 12 months he/she will, at expiry of the 12 month period, retain all rights regarding Clients recruited.
  4. TERMINATIONThis Agreement may be terminated by agreement between the Parties by any one of the Parties giving 30 days’ written notice of its intention to terminate it, but only after expiry of the 12 month period; by any one of the Parties with immediate effect in the event of breach of this Agreement; or by the Company, without penalty to it of any kind, if the LinkedIn Specialist has not recruited one client within 90 days from the date of the last Party signing.
  1. The Company will provide all training once the LinkedIn Specialist has been approved, agreement signed and accepted onto the course.
  2. The Company will provide all administrative services in terms of invoicing Clients, Client proposals/agreements, Follow ups, collecting monies and payment of commission.
  3. The Company will provide free online support (via email) to the LinkedIn Specialist during the 12 months of this agreement.
  4. The Company will train the LinkedIn Specialist for free for the initial course and training over 3 weeks starting on the specified date; thereafter the Company and the LinkedIn Specialist will share in the income derived from Clients as set out in Annexure B.
  5. The LinkedIn Specialist is responsible for approaching, engaging and closing potential leads and/or Clients on LinkedIn using the company’s methodologies and tools.
  6. The LinkedIn Specialist must change his/her LinkedIn profile to read “LinkedIn Specialist” or as the ONE-LINER as agreed using our formula from the training for the duration of this Agreement.
  1. The Company will invoice Clients directly, and receive payment from the Clients directly.
  2. The Company will pay the LinkedIn Specialist commission once per month (if payment is received from a Client) by the 27th of every month.
  3. The commission is paid as follows:
    1. During the first 6 months from signature date, 15% to the Company and 85% to the LinkedIn Specialist.
    2. During the remaining 6 months of this agreement from signature date, 10% to the Company and 90% to the LinkedIn Specialist.
    3. If the LinkedIn Specialist wishes to continue having the Company fulfilling the services as detailed in Annexure A then the commission will remain the same 10% company and 90% to the LinkedIn Specialist
    4. If not, the LinkedIn Specialist will receive 100% of the commission and no support from the Company.
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