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Why can’t I save a portion of the landing page or profile information and come back later to complete the rest?

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Unfortunately, you are not able to save the landing page/profile until at least the “required” info is completed (marked with an asterisk *), this is so that we do not have landing pages that display strangely on the directory, as we have in the past had members who only complete some information and then they don’t go back 😂…it makes the Directory look unprofessional and incomplete…we hope you can understand.

What we advise members to do, is to make a list of the headings (information needed) to complete the landing page, then make sure you have all the info at hand (especially the “required info, marked with asterisk *) and then when you have 15-30 minutes available, complete the landing page. Remember the first attempt does not have to be perfect, you are always able to go back and update and make improvements. Just always remember to scroll down and “save changes”.

We recommend loading landing page information from a desktop PC or laptop, as not all mobiles are compatible.

If you receive an error message when trying to save, it means there is a section that you have either not completed or you may have loaded incorrect format images or your mobile may be incompatible.

Please check the help section for size, dimensions and format of images.

Here is a list of information required for the landing page:

Landing Page Information

Table of Contents

Marketing Level

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