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My landing page URL is linked to this platform name, so what does that mean?

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Your site will always be linked to this platform name. Unfortunately, this is not a platform like WIX, this is a Landing page included in your membership deal, hence the incredible price.

If you already have a website, you can either use the website (landing page) we have to offer you for a specific product, or you can re-direct your current website to your new one on this platform.


You can contact your current host to assist you with transferring your domain name to the new one that you will get on this platform. ie: Your current domain is and when it redirects to us, it will be

To achieve this, the following is needed:
– A domain name (e.g.
– A hosting package linked to the domain mentioned above
*To redirect your domain to your landing page, simply add a URL redirect to the .htaccess associated with your hosting account. Make sure that the URL you use is the full URL of your landing page (e.g
* It is recommended that your hosting company assist you with this procedure.
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