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How do I buy additional landing page(s) and how much per landing page ?

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We have an option for you to buy additional landing page(s) within the platform.

Once you are logged in, go to your dashboard and landing page section. To the right, you will see a red button marked “buy additional landing page”, click on that and complete the payment.

When you buy an additional landing page, it gets allocated to your current account (all your landing pages are connected to one account) so you don’t need any additional logins.
If you would like to “gift” this landing page, you will need to share your logins with your “giftee” and they would need to set up their page on your account.
We would recommend that if you intend to “gift” a membership, you rather allow your giftee to go through the process of signing up, with their own separate account, so that the logins are different (i.e. rather gift them the amount of the membership and allow them to sign up on the platform themselves).
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