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I posted to the News Feed, why can’t I see my post? Why was my post removed and marked as “abusive”?

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All posts to the News Feed need to be moderated and approved.
Please note that advertising your business is not allowed, as per the Group Rules. Promoting is done via the Deals Section and by using the tools taught in the training programme.
The News Feed is for notifications to all members. Remember that you can also communicate directly with your connections, if you need urgent advice.
If you posted more than once, the duplicates will be removed or if you have posted something that is not allowed in the News Feed, it will not be approved and you will receive notification. The term “abusive” is system generated and does not necessarily mean your post was “abusive”, just that it is not allowed in the News Feed 🙂
PLEASE DO NOT USE THE NEWS FEED TO ASK QUESTIONS. Always check the Help Section first for FAQ’s and if you can’t find the answer there, email or message Shumba (either directly on the platform – make sure you connect with Shumba or via email to
When posting, which needs to be something of value to all members and important notifications, kindly allow 24 hours for posts to be approved.
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