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I need business sponsorship, can you assist with funding?

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Unfortunately, we are not a financial institution which offers loans, we are coaches and creators of entrepreneurs.

However, we know that many SME’s struggle with funding, below are 5 organisations, that you could approach for assistance.

1. Department of Trade and Industry (the dti)


The dti promotes economic development and Black Economic Empowerment. This is achieved through a number of Industrial Development Initiatives.

2. National Empowerment Fund (NEF)


The National Empowerment Fund promotes black economic participation. The Empowerment Fund provides business loans from R250 000 to R75 million across all industry sectors.

3. Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)


The IDC, founded in 1940 is a state-owned finance institution. It functions as a means to generate balanced and sustainable growth in Africa. The IDC funds startups and existing businesses up to a maximum of R1 billion.

4. Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA)


Small Enterprise Finance Agency was established in 2012 as a result of a merger of South African Micro Apex Fund, Khula Enterprise Finance Ltd and the small business activities of IDC.

SEFA prides itself on the mandate to foster establishment, survival and growth of SMME. They also aim to contribute to poverty alleviation and job creation. SEFA provides loans from R50 000 to R5 million to SMMEs and co-operatives.

5. Isivande Women’s Fund


The Isivande Women’s Fund aims to stimulate black economic empowerment. The fund, originally targeted at women but then opened its doors for all black persons in South Africa. The Isivande Women’s Fund specialises in start up funding, business expansion, rehabilitation as well as financing.

The IWF is managed by the IDC and provides funding from R30 000 to R2 million.

6. Crowd Funding

There are also various “crowdfunding” options, which you could try. Try searching “Crowd Funding in SA” for options available in SA.

*We are not affiliated with any of the organisations above, so we can’t “vouch” for them or comment on their service, they offer a service to the public and any correspondence, enquiries, complaints etc, should be addressed to the institutions directly.



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