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I am not able to navigate on the site, save any info on my landing page or even if I click or try to select My Dashboard or Find a Course, nothing happens?

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Please ensure that you are using Chrome or Firefox or Safari as your browser, we have had members using other browsers that are not compatible (eg we have had some problems with Microsoft Edge).

If you are still experiencing any issues, please try accessing from an incognito page (instructions are in the Help section – search for “incognito”).

If an incognito page resolves the problem, you may likely need to clear your cache (instructions also in the Help section – search for “cache”).

Also, please check your internet connection – what speed/bandwidth? You will need at least a 2MB line (especially if you want to view the courses). How strong is your signal? Do you have data?

If you are accessing from mobile, most modern phones will work, but we recommend you use a laptop or desktop PC to load and/or update your landing page.

If all else fails, please email for further assistance.


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