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I have a login or password problem. How do I reset my password?

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If you clicked “forgot password?” but have not received an email message with a link to reset your password, check for these common problems:

  • Is your email address entered correctly on the sign in page? Check for errors and try again.
  • Did you enter the same email address that you used to register your account? Reset messages are sent only to registered email addresses.
  • Did you check your spam message folders? Check your spam folder for a message from us.
  • If the message is not there, try adding our email address to your contacts or your approved senders list, and then reset your password again.
  • Reset your password: On the sign-in page, select “forgot password?“. Your password will be emailed to you. 
  • Did you complete the account registration process? To check, try registering again with the same email address. If the account does exist, a message will indicate that you entered a duplicate email address.
  • If none of this works, try clearing your cache/cookies, see how to do this by searching the FAQ’s for “clearing your cache”.
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