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How do I register for the live webinars? I did not receive a link?

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You should have received a link in your welcome email to register for the live sessions of the 20-day Business Survival & Future Preparation Programme, if you did not, please check your spam/junk folders as well.

Below is the link again for your convenience, please note this is only for the live sessions, recordings are accessible via the platform under the “Find a Course” section:

Make sure you register for Leon Lategan’s BRAND NEW “20-day Business Survival & Future Preparation Programme”. The training goes live from the 31st March (live webinars) Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm for 20 days (all sessions are recorded if you can’t make it live).

Click here to register now.

If you are not receiving the link after registering, please check the following:

  1. Did you click on the link to register for the webinar and did you make sure you followed the correct process? If you did not receive a confirmation mail, please check your spam folder too!
  2. Which email address did you use to register? Please make sure you check ALL your inboxes and ALL your spam folders. Did you definitely type your email address in correctly when you registered? If you are not sure, please register again and make 100% sure your email address is correct.
  3. On very rare occasions, some service providers have very strict filters, which block webinar reminder mails completely, this is out of our control. Also, if you have an alternative email address, try to register using a different email address (with filters that are hopefully not as strict – many company/work email addresses have stricter filters than personal ones).
  4. Once you have checked all of the above, please email with your query. Please note that we are not able to assist if you have not tried all the above first.
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