How do I add, edit or delete images, photos, pics from my landing page?

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To add images:

Go to “Photo Gallery” in your profile

Click on “Add File”

You can add up to 4 images to your photo gallery.

To remove images:

Click the little cross on the right of the image to delete/deselect it.

  • If you are experiencing problems with deleting or adding images from your mobile, please try a different device (eg a laptop or desktop PC or a different mobile) as not all mobiles are compatible with the latest technology. This is not within our scope of control.


Please make sure your images are not larger than 2MB each.

Recommended dimensions of at least 960px x 640px

Type of images are .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG format.

Please remove any “strange” characters from the name of your image eg apostrophes, commas, fullstops, ” or ‘ or – or brackets, etc


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