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How can we get stats from our landing pages? Could we embed our own Google Analytics ID’s in the landing page?

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We have implemented Google Analytics for the TLD landing pages, you just need to add your GA tracking ID in your profile.

When you implement your GA tracking code on your landing page, then the website will automatically log events such as form submissions and WhatsApp clicks in your GA reporting section. This requires no setup from your side and will start recording as soon as your tracking code is implemented.

If you are not familiar with how GA works, please see the videos below.

If you do not have Google Analytics on your landing page yet, get it done as soon as possible!
Access GA from this link:
Here is how to add an account to GA:
Step 1A: Create a NEW Google Analytics Account:
Step 1B: Add a Google Analytics Account to your existing GA profile and get a new GA ID for your  landing page:
Step 2: Add your Google Analytics ID to your landing page profile and how to track events.


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