Wealth dynamics profile to inform your wealth creation approach

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Wealth Dynamics
“I studied the Greatest Entrepreneurs in history and found that there are only 8 ways to wealth … When you know the way that is right for you, your business, your life and your legacy unfold with intense clarity…” Roger Hamilton
There are eight paths to wealth – not seven, not nine, not 56 – there are only eight. All great wealth has been created by people who have focused on the particular path that suits their natural character. These people have mastered the rules of their path and
Which one are you?

If there truly are 8 paths, which way is right for you? What strategies should you focus on and what should you avoid? Who should be your role model? What types of people can most help you succeed? Who should be on your team & who should be off it?
To be a Great Entrepreneur you need to lead like a Great Entrepreneur. You need the clarity to know what opportunities are for you and what you should leave on the table. Roger Hamilton delivers that clarity at this event:
* Discover the 8 entrepreneurial leadership styles
* Discover the universal law that EVERY great entrepreneur has employed (and it’s not what you might be thinking).
* Find out why Entrepreneurs don’t work
* Learn who YOU (personally) should be reading about and learning from – and who not to.
* Find out who you need to have on your core entrepreneurial team.
Taking the Wealth Dynamics test will reveal your most natural way to attract wealth and the exact 6 step wealth creation strategy that mega-wealthy people throughout history (who share your same Wealth Profile) have used to attract riches into their lives. If your personal journey to wealth is like piloting your own personal ‘wealth aircraft’, then using this analogy, your Wealth Profile is like your onboard compass, showing you the direction to your path of least resistance to creating your wealth.

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