TICK Personal Insights Profile, Online Assessment

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What makes you TICK?

Background on TICK Personal Insights Profile

TICK Assessment is a Personal Insight Profile designed to improve staff productivity, team effectiveness, and communication. We also offer Job fit Profiles which are designed to discover job seeker’s personal traits to assist in finding suitable career pathways. Created by Des Hunt from Adelaide, Australia in the 1980’s TICK Assessment helps people understand themselves and the relationships around them. Based on 4 bird types (the Peacock, the Eagle, the Dove, and the Owl) are easy to use, understand, and interpret long after a training session. This is an online assessment, it only takes 10-15min to complete and generate an online report.

The intention of the “What Makes People Tick” materials is to help us understand and appreciate human nature. For better or for worse.

The comparatively short time we spend on this planet is taken up with a lot of misunderstanding which takes much of the enjoyment out of life. We spend a lot of energy arguing for agreement, rather than striving for understanding.

Insights on TICK
Understanding each other is far more important than agreement. In fact, the difference between love and hate lies in understanding.

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