Life Coaching

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Establish Your Purpose, Achieve Your Goals, Transform Your Life, sign up for Life Coaching.

Behavior shifts are important if a coachee is to sustain the changes identified in the coaching session; however, we at Transform Leadership Consulting believe long-term, sustainable change occurs when an individual looks at a challenge or situation with a different mindset.

Transformational coaching works at the level of beliefs, values, identity, and purpose, this process is indeed likely to create long-term personal changes.

Questions to assist with your goal setting before our first meeting:
• Do you know your life purpose?
• Do you have a life plan?
• Are your goals positive statements of intent?
• How committed are you to your goals?
• Are you a high-achieving goal-getter?

Focus Areas for Coaching sessions
• Personal mastery (know yourself behavior and emotional intelligence – the good and the bad)
• Goal Setting
• Communicate to motivate, inspire and empower others
• Master problem solving and decision making
• Bridge the procrastination gap
• Adopting a Growth Mindset
• Managing Change
• Building Resilience / Coping with stress

Benefits of Life Coaching
• Positive behavior changes
• Increased creativity and flexibility.
• Improved performance.
• Health and personal relationships improve.

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