Kalahari Donkey Milk Soap

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Valid until: 2021-05-31

DONKEY MILK nourishes the skin by providing the skin’s necessary amino acids, which have an anti-wrinkle effect and naturally moisturize the skin. The cosmetic and beauty therapy use of donkey milk has been known since ancient times. Even the beautiful Cleopatra is thought to have used donkey milk for her skincare routine!
BENEFITS & USES Donkey Milk cleanses while moisturizing the skin and adds a soft creaminess to the Soap. The sugars in the milk add a bubbly lather. Our all-natural soap hydrates and softens the skin and keeps the skin’s oils in balance. The milk renders the skin more delicate and younger-looking while preserving its brightness. Stronger than Goat Milk Bar Soap.
SENSITIVE SKIN Organic shea butter is naturally moisturizing, and donkey milk soap is especially good for sensitive skin, with its anti-allergen properties. Reduces skin irritation and regenerates the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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