Improve your cash flow and also get free marketing video

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Deal Price: 697.00
Valid until: 2020-05-30

6 Week Focused Marketing and Sales Exposure with a complimentary marketing video for your business

Join the SA Business Hub membership for a six week focused developmental campaign on Marketing and Sales. No matter how great your product or service, if you don’t market and sell it with passion, conviction and resilience you stand a very slim chance of staying successful. Over six weeks, I will provide you with motivation, resources and advice on an important part of your business.
Are you ready to:
• Have customers beat a trail to your door?
• Find out what your customers really want?
• Under promise and over deliver?
• Stop making excuses and start selling?
• Finally see your cash flow become super healthy?
• Get more exposure online and offline?
• Increase your bottom line?
• Find out what other entrepreneurs are doing “right”?
• Have other business owners willing to coach and mentor you?
• Then join us now, and see your sales multiply in the next six weeks.
As part of this offer you will receive the under mentioned uniquely developed and time proven business resources and tools.
• Weekly Marketing tips and motivational messages.
• Access to articles and guides that covers everything you need to know on Sales and Marketing.
• More than 30 already successful sales letters, checklists, schedules, action plans, announcements and requests.
Entry requirements: Have basic, computer literacy and broad band Internet access’

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