Normal Price: 14,000.00
Deal Price: 11,900.00
Valid until: 2020-06-30

An invitation to choose YOU with this 7 week online course starting June 30th 2020 until August 11 2020!

When you struggle with the following…
Who am I?
Struggling with Self Love
What is my Purpose?
Where is your creativity?
To rise above circumstances
Struggling to manifest abundance
Struggling with poor mindset, anxiety, depression, lack of routine
Being tired of this race of survival

This course is designed to help You become Your Amazing Self, give You the practical tools to consistently follow through and stay committed to Your Transformation!

Join me on this 7 week online course 🦋FINDING ME🦋 as we unleash the fire within You!
This course is hands on, practical, outcome based and a dive deep within for Your Authentic Growth!

Each person will receive ONE HOUR FREE PERSONAL COACHING SESSION with me valued at R2000!
Each person will receive ONE FREE PERSONAL DIVINE ANGEL GUIDANCE READING valued at R350!

I am only working with a select few of those who are willing to do the work and for Personal Attention.

R11 900 for 7 weeks – $99 or 80 pounds
R11 000 cash – Special Price!
R6150 paid in two installments – June and July
R500 deposit secures your place

$Banking Details$
Paypal account:
Capitec Bank
Sharon Nelson
Account number: 136 519 0232
Branch Code: 470010

Enrollments are open and you can join the private Facebook group before we commence to connect with the lovely group members.
To join, send me a direct message or email with heading FINDING ME to get payment details and more information.

It’s all about Your Transformation
It’s about changing your reality and unleashing You
It’s for You the painter, the artists, the writer, the director, the business owner, the student, the parent, the one with anxiety, depression or mindset that rips you of your essence
It’s for You not knowing who You are
it’s about becoming authentically You
It’s about releasing those fears and stepping into and living your Truth, Purpose and Passion
It’s about learning to Love Yourself
It’s about FINDING YOU!


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