Exotic Mushrooms – 1 Kg Sample Box

Normal Price: R 196.50
Deal Price: R 174.99
Valid until: 2023-02-28

Excite Your Creative Juices!

Chefs, try this delicious 1kg sample box of fresh exotic, seasonal mushrooms to inspire your Spring and Summer Menus.

Delight your customers with something extraordinary and surprise your vegetarian and meat-eating patrons alike, with the full-bodied umami flavours and hearty textures of these eastern gems.

Conjure up dishes like succulent Oyster Steaks, seafood tasting King Oyster Scallops, or vegan ‘Pulled Pork’, Red Wine Shiitake with steak, or use Shimeji to complete your gourmet creations.

The possibilities are endless. Season depending you’ll find a collection of Oyster, King Oyster, Shiitake, Shimeji and when available Lions Mane in your box to sample.

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