Empowerment Confidante

Normal Price: 1,200.00
Deal Price: 750.00
Valid until: 2020-07-31

As we all know the COVID epidemic has really gotten to us all, work wise but emotionally as well.
As we try to stay positive and pick ourselves up daily we realize that we still need that extra push.

What is is and how it works.
Empowerment Confidant (A.K.A Accountability partner)

How we work, is i assist you getting your goals reached.

1. Your TO-DO List we analyse this to see what tasks block you and which you can do with no hesitation.

2.We set realistic goals to get those tasks done.

3. I have a catch up call meeting for 30 min with you every 2nd week to talk about your goals and further planning.

4. Motivation, this does not mean micro manage you by no means, a simple good morning whats app eases your mind set and lets you know you are not alone, this will also allow you to communicate with me any step of the way.

I have decided to start this and offer it as a service, the reason being i already have 4 ladies that i was helping without even realizing it.

Each one all over SA.
One lady going through a tough time, needed that push just find herself again and we did it. She has her court case Thursday and is confident.

So if this is what you think you may want to try out, let me know.

Please email me to set up an schedule a chat.

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