Company Culture: Craft your Values

Normal Price: 6,500.00
Deal Price: 4,000.00
Valid until: 2020-04-30

Your company values form the foundation of your culture and provide guidance on how you choose to do business and treat people. “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. In as little as 4 hours, we can help you identify and define your core values and help you clarify the type of workplace culture you want to create. Are you an adhocracy like Google or a competitive environment like GE? Is your culture more traditional and hierarchical, or are you creating a family-vibe?
Ordinarily a half day session, this programme has been adapted and is now being offered online for leadership/executive teams of up to 30 people.
Select either a 4 hour session or two separate 2 hour sessions. We know you’re busy, so we run these on Saturdays too.

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