Brighten up your home with a beautiful Cape Disa String Art

Normal Price: R 900.00
Deal Price: R 720.00
Valid until: 2021-11-30

This design had me pondering over a name for some time – but then after a great hike in the local mountains I found it. For me it has a striking resemblance to the famous emblem of the Western Cape – an orchard called the Cape Disa Uniflora (Pride of Table Mountain)
– While they are more commonly red in color – the blue ones do exist but are much rarer – much like this work. The white board really shows off the bright blue flower.
The size is 454 x 454 x 12mm.
For your convenience, it has a hanging hook on the back.

The quoted price is excluding shipping.
Free delivery in Cape Town
Repairs free for 3 months (excluding shipping)

This was made with healing love and light for you to enjoy!

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