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's Business Profile

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the ‘best), how would you rate your current ENERGY levels in terms of your own mindset, focus, momentum and action?

When you started with us, did you have a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Has this changed since then and what is it now, a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Do you think your logo is legible and professional?

If you have a website, does the URL exactly match your company name?

What is the URL?

Do you have a professional email signature?

Do you have a professional email address, in other words, not a gmail email address as an example?

What is your work title (I am a Conversion Optimisation Specialist)?

Have you always used this title or is it new since joining us?

What is your purpose?

What is your Vision?

I support professional middle aged step mums who feel inadequate, isolated, have insecurities and suffered from the other mother syndrome which could have come from death, divorce and deception and feels alone.

What is your 1st Primary Goal?

launch my transformational coaching business for Step moms

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

apply for course with Temi, my business coach

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

Start the course and start creating my vision, mission for the course

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

create an outline for the course

What is your 2nd Primary Goal?

continue with Lion's den and implement what I am learning

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

expand on my" Why"

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

attend all my classes and apply what I am learning daily

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

always watch the videos again and again to catch the true sense of what is being taught

What is your 3rd Primary Goal?

start searching for groups I can join and be active on, so I can start sending surveys on them.

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

start posting related topics on my social media

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

giving tips or answering questions related to my field of interest

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

keep growing.

Write your Value Proposition below as per the formula in Principle 4

Every step mother is phenomenal and has greatness in her. At Owning My Greatness, we show you how to find your greatness and how to own it.
We are in the business of performing miracles.

Do you believe it is appealing? And why so?

Do you believe it is exclusive? And why so?

Do you believe it is clear and simple to understand? And why so?

Do you believe it is credible? And why so?

List all the ‘Elements of Value’ your product offers

self transcendence, provides hope, self actualisation, motivation, belonging, reduces anxiety, fun, connects, informs, makes money.

Write one case study of something you have achieved with a customer

I have friends who come to see me for clarity and how to live a better life based on how they see my life has changed and they always say we knew you will give us a solution, teach me what you know so I can use it and get results also.I get a lot of thank you’s and I am always happy to help.

What features does your product have?

my products will help my clients feel listened to, it will show them how to find the greatness already deposited in them and how to own it without apologies.
my products teach my clients things I wish I knew before I became a step mother, so they can learn From me and hopefully not make the same mistakes I made and if they have already, retrace and snatch their power back.

What benefits does you product offer?

inner peace, inner strength, inner power, inner joy, loving themselves, they know they are not alone, how to own their greatness without apologies.

List 3 objections you get to your product and the 3 answers to these objections

Name one of your products

Owning my greatness transformational coaching package (OMG)

List 3 problems you believe your prospects have, related to your solutions

feeling alone and lonely,
feeling cheated and possibly lied to
feeling judged by themselves and others.

List your 3 solutions to their problems above

Journalling, Meditation, finding a deep relationship with self, take their joy back.

Write a detailed spec on your ideal customer (as much info as possible as per the Prospect Principle)

Bukola is female and is 35 years old, she has been married for 6 years and has a blended family, so she is a stepmom, she has 3 kids, 2 stepkids and 1 birth child and lives in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. she works for a television house and earns 500k a month. She likes instagram, Youtube, Facebook, tik tok, linked in, naijadairygirl, motivational speeches, she loves talkshows and likes to produce content for television, she is a total creative. , she is constantly looking online for courses that can empower her or somewhat validate her, she loves to travel on holidays, she loves fashion, gadgets, she loves family, spend time with friends but doesn’t think she deserves it anymore, she has become insecure, unsure of herself, lost her confidence, has been through a lot of heartache from infidelity and the stigma of being the other woman, comparing herself to the ex -wife or biological mother, wants to be seen, heard , validated, she has been through depression, she is no longer a confident wife, mother or person, she is trying to navigate her relationship with the step kids, in-laws past and present, friends of the family, past and present, she feels alone, wants romance, more sex and validation from her husband, wants to feel wanted, she has low self esteem she is constantly judging herself, overthinking, feeling criticised, doesn’t feel enough, confused about spirituality and religion and is trying to connect with her inner-self. She wants to get her power back, have absolute clarity, be confident again, feel enough, be extremely rich, own investments, feel beautiful, complete, happy, secure, joyful, supported, travel around the world without feeling guilty, be spontaneous, feel free, have fun with friends and not be afraid to be alone anymore, build global businesses, grow people, have new friends, volunteer, train her children properly, have a fun life, she wants to play, experience great memories, she wants to know she will take the best decision always and never question herself, judge, criticise herself, she wants to be in charge of her life again, living her best life and shinning her light to the world. She wants to learn from experts, better herself and add value on to people’s lives.

What is their true deep desire?

feel listened to, they want to feel like they have a say, stop feeling judged by themselves and others.

Have you optimised your pricing according to the pricing tactics and strategies and what is your pricing for your services or products?

Where do you currently do paid for advertising, list all the platforms or channels e.g. facebook, local newspaper etc

How much do you typically spend on advertising per month?

Do you belong to any business network e.g. BNI, Chamber of Commerce?

What metrics are you measuring monthly?

What KPIs do you have for yourself?

What is your Average Order Value (AOV)

What is your Customer Lifetime Value (Average Lifetime Order Value)

What is your Cost of Acquisition (COA)

Marketing Level

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