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's Business Profile

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the ‘best), how would you rate your current ENERGY levels in terms of your own mindset, focus, momentum and action?

When you started with us, did you have a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Has this changed since then and what is it now, a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Do you think your logo is legible and professional?

If you have a website, does the URL exactly match your company name?

What is the URL?

Do you have a professional email signature?

Do you have a professional email address, in other words, not a gmail email address as an example?

What is your work title (I am a Conversion Optimisation Specialist)?

Have you always used this title or is it new since joining us?

What is your purpose?

What is your Vision?

To be the premier provider of human capital management solutions to our clients

What is your 1st Primary Goal?

To provide strategic human resource management support to clients

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To assist my clients to acquire the best talent

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To help my clients to increase the retention of their talent

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To assist my clients to implement a holistic developmental plan

What is your 2nd Primary Goal?

To improve my clients labour relations environment

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To capacitate my clients management teams to effectively manage the initiation and chairing of disciplinary enquiry

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To help my clients to decrease the rate of CCMA/Labour Court referrals

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To help my clients to develop and implement effective policies and procedures to guide labour relations

What is your 3rd Primary Goal?

To align my clients skills development plan with business strategy and thus improve their BBBEE rating

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To help my clients to comply with skills development and maximse its benefits

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To improve my clients BBBEE rating by optimising the skills development benefits

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To assist my clients to get back monetary benefits from implementing the skills development activities

Write your Value Proposition below as per the formula in Principle 4

I help SMMES in South with the best possible human capital support so that they can focus on and achieve the strategic business objectives

Do you believe it is appealing? And why so?

Do you believe it is exclusive? And why so?

Do you believe it is clear and simple to understand? And why so?

Do you believe it is credible? And why so?

List all the ‘Elements of Value’ your product offers

1. Aligns to business strategy
2. Return on investement in
3. Improve employee engagement
4. Enable healthy labour relations

Write one case study of something you have achieved with a customer

A customer was taken to the CCMA by an employee. Upon analysis of the employee contract, I discovered that employee in question had a service level agreement (SLA) in place with client. This redendered him not an employee of my client and I advised the client that the CCMA did have not a jurisdiction on that matter. Consequently the CCMA ruled in the favour of my client. the spinoff was to look at all the contracts of employment. We put a plan in plan to do an annual audit of employment contracts for compliance purpose.

What features does your product have?

What benefits does you product offer?

My product offers Return On Investment to a client in that I guarantee positive impact to a problem faced by the client.

List 3 objections you get to your product and the 3 answers to these objections

1.Price is a bit high compared to the other provider
The asnwer: Ask the client to five me the contract if not happy with my solution pay what the other provider offers.
2.The client already has a supplier
The answer: Ask the clie nt to afford an opportunity to try my offering
3.The client does not need my product at the time of offering
The answer: Ask the client the relevant time to make a follow up

Name one of your products

Chairing disciplinary hearing

List 3 problems you believe your prospects have, related to your solutions

1. Capacity to chair disciplinary hearing in line with labour legislation
2. Framing charge/s, which forms the basis for the disciplinary enquiry, correctly
3. Managing discipline in the workplace

List your 3 solutions to their problems above

1. Train managers on managing workplace discipline
2. Capacitate the business to initiate and chair disciplinary hearing
3. Helping the prospects to develop and implement labour legislation policies

Write a detailed spec on your ideal customer (as much info as possible as per the Prospect Principle)

My ideal customer is an SMME who does not have a full/ permanent HR department who seeks to outsource this service to specialists like me.

What is their true deep desire?

Their true deep desire is to minimise spend on HR service without compromising value.

Have you optimised your pricing according to the pricing tactics and strategies and what is your pricing for your services or products?

I have not optimised my pricing as yet.
my pricing for chairing a disciplinary hearing is R6500. Howver if a client wants training coupled with the training price decrease by 5%

Where do you currently do paid for advertising, list all the platforms or channels e.g. facebook, local newspaper etc

I am in the process of advertising on Google

How much do you typically spend on advertising per month?

I will initially target R200

Do you belong to any business network e.g. BNI, Chamber of Commerce?

I belong to SABPP which is a professional body for HR practitioners,
As well as facebook group networks

What metrics are you measuring monthly?

1. No of new business
2. No of retained business
3. No of visits to my landing page

What KPIs do you have for yourself?

1. Meeting potential prospects
2. Establishing partnehsip with other key providers to offer a wider scope to potential clients
3. Optimise sale

What is your Average Order Value (AOV)

R30 000

What is your Customer Lifetime Value (Average Lifetime Order Value)

R300 000

What is your Cost of Acquisition (COA)

R60 000

Marketing Level

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