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's Business Profile

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the ‘best), how would you rate your current ENERGY levels in terms of your own mindset, focus, momentum and action?

When you started with us, did you have a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Has this changed since then and what is it now, a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Do you think your logo is legible and professional?

If you have a website, does the URL exactly match your company name?

What is the URL?

Do you have a professional email signature?

Do you have a professional email address, in other words, not a gmail email address as an example?

What is your work title (I am a Conversion Optimisation Specialist)?

Have you always used this title or is it new since joining us?

What is your purpose?

What is your Vision?

To emerge as the no 1 manufacturer of Burkas in South Africa making numerous types of burkas

What is your 1st Primary Goal?

To determine my sales monthly

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To be able to edvertise on whats app and Facebook daily and weekly

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To accurately record daily sales

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To calculate the weely sales by the end of July

What is your 2nd Primary Goal?

To use the next 3 months to increase the sales in the pervious 3 months

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To ensure increase by 50% in sales

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To record the increase in new customers by the end of December 2020

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To get a reliable skilled worker that can. help in production

What is your 3rd Primary Goal?

To get a reliable and skilled employee that will drive productivity

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

To pay this skilled worker on commission bases to avoid unnecessary overhead

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To generate enough money in terms of profit to buy required machinery

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To buy the machinery by the end of July 2021

Write your Value Proposition below as per the formula in Principle 4

Do you believe it is appealing? And why so?

Do you believe it is exclusive? And why so?

Do you believe it is clear and simple to understand? And why so?

Do you believe it is credible? And why so?

List all the ‘Elements of Value’ your product offers

It is a symbol of piety
My burka helps my customer to be part of a group or identity with people they admire
provide benefits for being a loyal customer
Help people worry less and feel more secure,by providing an appealing form of design
It fulfills the self actualization of women in Islam

Write one case study of something you have achieved with a customer

I was able to adjust a westerner clothing to an Islamic wear , they had given this to another Fashion designer who could not help them change the garment as desired my customer

What features does your product have?

It is needed to fulfill the ethos of Muslim females

What benefits does you product offer?

Brukas allow my customers to dress Islamically
It allows women to retain their modesty, morals and freedom of choice
They choose to cover because they believe it is liberating and allows them to avoid harassment

List 3 objections you get to your product and the 3 answers to these objections

The Burka is expensive
There is another design that I like that you do not have right now
I want a lighter /darker colori
This is a good quality fabric that is exported from abroad you are welcome to go and buy the fabric yourself and I will be glad to sew and design for you
Not a problem , give me your preferred design and pattern and I will sew whatever suits you.
I am so sorry I can no longer get that particular color in the market , I have tried my best to look for it

Name one of your products


List 3 problems you believe your prospects have, related to your solutions

They are looking for custom made Burkas
They can not get the right color and fabric
They can not vary the design that is in the market

List your 3 solutions to their problems above

I provide the design and I am flexible in my approach
I can provide the right colour of their choice
I can generally change and alter their design

Write a detailed spec on your ideal customer (as much info as possible as per the Prospect Principle)

My ideal customer is a Amina 40yrs, female with a Bsc degree in hospitality,married and earns R20,000 monthly.
Amina is an African woman.
she has interest in going to gym ,and her beliefs are based on the Islamic culture
Amina ,would like to be emulated and admired .She appreciate beauty and express her personality with her dress code which I design and sew for her.
she is based in Africa, south Africa, Eastern cape ,Port Elizabeth region.

What is their true deep desire?

Amina wants to gain improved appearance,and confidence
Amina deep desire is she wants to feel attractive,fee respected and feeling of self worth .

Have you optimised your pricing according to the pricing tactics and strategies and what is your pricing for your services or products?

My pricing is to penetrate the market , and later increase the price .
My product is not new ,however I am still new in the market so I need market penetration price to attract customers

Where do you currently do paid for advertising, list all the platforms or channels e.g. facebook, local newspaper etc

How much do you typically spend on advertising per month?

Do you belong to any business network e.g. BNI, Chamber of Commerce?

What metrics are you measuring monthly?

What KPIs do you have for yourself?

What is your Average Order Value (AOV)

What is your Customer Lifetime Value (Average Lifetime Order Value)

What is your Cost of Acquisition (COA)

Marketing Level

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