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's Business Profile

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the ‘best), how would you rate your current ENERGY levels in terms of your own mindset, focus, momentum and action?

When you started with us, did you have a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Has this changed since then and what is it now, a personal brand, a company brand or both?

Do you think your logo is legible and professional?

If you have a website, does the URL exactly match your company name?

What is the URL?

Do you have a professional email signature?

Do you have a professional email address, in other words, not a gmail email address as an example?

What is your work title (I am a Conversion Optimisation Specialist)?

Have you always used this title or is it new since joining us?

What is your purpose?

What is your Vision?

To build a business working with individuals, entrepreneurs & small businesses to create professional LinkedIn profiles and market them via LinkedIn. I will be working in the business full time by 1st July 2021. To create monthly revenue of R 50 K

What is your 1st Primary Goal?

To start providing paid services and have 5 paying clients by end Oct 2020

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

Complete the LinkedIn Specialist Course

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

To create my landing page

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To establish pricing model

What is your 2nd Primary Goal?

To have 60 annuity Marketing customers by end of June 2021 paying a minimum of R 900 p/h

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

Bring on 2 new clients every week (assuming no new business in Dec)

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

Get 2 x referrals from every new client

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

Spend 2 hours per week on lead generation

What is your 3rd Primary Goal?

Create a monthly business community for annuity clients as a value add service & a paid opt-in service for individuals - to launch in Jan 2021

What is your 1st Objective for this Goal?

Look at subscription platforms

What is your 2nd Objective for this Goal?

Learn Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube for marketing this community

What is your 3rd Objective for this Goal?

To have 100 paid members in the community by end June 2021

Write your Value Proposition below as per the formula in Principle 4

Do you believe it is appealing? And why so?

Do you believe it is exclusive? And why so?

Do you believe it is clear and simple to understand? And why so?

Do you believe it is credible? And why so?

List all the ‘Elements of Value’ your product offers

Makes Money
Saves time

Write one case study of something you have achieved with a customer

Still setting up my business. I have no customers yet

What features does your product have?

LinkedIn Super Impact Bundle:
– Rewrite profile in 1st person
– Profile photos
– Write a profile that shows clients professional personality & makes them stand out from the crowd
– Provide enticing summary that captures who they are, what they are doing and what they want from their career
– Fix all spelling & grammar mistakes from profile
– Ensure profile has a call to action so that they can get connected

LinkedIn hyperdrive marketing system:
– LinkedIn profile clean-up
– LinkedIn leads generation / marketing – monthly
– Access to business community

More detail to follow once I have done LinkedIn course

What benefits does you product offer?

1. My client will have a professional LinkedIn profile that will make them stand out and enable them to make more high-profile connections that will benefit them professionally. A professional profile will make them much more attractive to potential customers, investors, head hunters. It will show potential connections/ clients that they are serious about themselves professionally and want to succeed. They want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

2. LinkedIn marketing will help generate sales leads through increasing your connections and presence on the LinkedIn platform.

Will add more after my course. Still in planning phase.

List 3 objections you get to your product and the 3 answers to these objections

Not sure yet but I think they might be –

1. I can do it myself – I am a LinkedIn specialist and I will recreate your profile to stand out and attract attention from high profile contacts in your industry – or high profile leads – or recruiters/head-hunters.

2. I can’t afford it – how much do you stand to lose by the right connects not looking at your profile because it doesn’t immediately grab their attention?

3. LinkedIn marketing cant work for my business – As of 2019, 54% of Fortune 500 CEOs have at least some social presence. LinkedIn leads the pack for these executives—of the Fortune 500 CEOs on social, 50% of them have a LinkedIn profile. The second most popular social platform is Twitter with 14% of social CEOs having a publically-searchable profile.

People overlook LinkedIn when they see it as a digital resume, rather than a representation of professional work and knowledge. But for B2B businesses, it is especially important for the CEO and executive staff to have strong LinkedIn pages because 80% of B2B leads come through this platform.


Name one of your products

LinkedIn Super Impact Bundle

List 3 problems you believe your prospects have, related to your solutions

List your 3 solutions to their problems above

Write a detailed spec on your ideal customer (as much info as possible as per the Prospect Principle)

What is their true deep desire?

Have you optimised your pricing according to the pricing tactics and strategies and what is your pricing for your services or products?

Where do you currently do paid for advertising, list all the platforms or channels e.g. facebook, local newspaper etc

How much do you typically spend on advertising per month?

Do you belong to any business network e.g. BNI, Chamber of Commerce?

What metrics are you measuring monthly?

What KPIs do you have for yourself?

What is your Average Order Value (AOV)

What is your Customer Lifetime Value (Average Lifetime Order Value)

What is your Cost of Acquisition (COA)

Marketing Level

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