Why Would You Need Or Want A Virtual Property Valuation During The Covid 19 Lockdown ?

There is no doubt that the Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ) lock down has affected South Africans financially and many of us are either considering selling our properties or asking the Banks for a home loan repayment “holiday” or deferment before putting up our houses for sale.

Unfortunanetly even though the SA Government and the banks are making it sound like it’s a formality to get these payment holidays, in my opinion this seems to be more of a PR ( public relations ) excercise. In practice most South African banks are going to want to see your assets & liabilities before granting a payment holiday or increasing your credit limits.

Strangely, it is easy to Google the value of your car but not so easy to get an accurate valuation of your property. That’s where a company like Virtual Realty can assist you with a virtual valuation at no charge. Virtual Realty can give you a market related valuation straight from our virtual office to your phone. Being early adopters of virtual and cloud based technology, we have the capabilities and experience in doing business in the virtual environment. We have a number of programs and apps that has positioned us perfectly to help you get a valuation on your property without one of our agents having to visit your property.

So whether you under pressure and you are considering selling.Or perhaps you’re contemplating selling and moving to that dream home, you can request your free Online Property Valuation without any hassle and fuss.

Simply Whatsapp your Address to 072 742 6963 with your Name and Surname or send a Direct Message via this page. We will conduct a Virtual Valuation and you will receive a Comparative Market Analysis within minutes.
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