Why Veganism is having a ‘Skin Affair’ with Africa’s booming magnificence.

The beauty & cosmetic industry has become a very diverse and competitive market with brands of all classes as well as varieties competing for the crown or rather the attention of everyday men and women who enjoy the luxuries of looking and feeling good, even if it means burning a few holes in their pockets due to the exaggerated prices we witness in some of these so called lifesaving products.

We live in a world that continuously thrives on beauty and how we perceive this to be is dependent on our everchanging times. Because of this, we find that the industry is continually expanding whilst it aims to accommodate people’s needs and wants of trying to look a certain way in the meanwhile appeasing the standards of modern culture.

In South Africa, the beauty & cosmetic industry accounts for R25 billion at the retail level and more than R5 billion at the manufacturing level, making the South African beauty & cosmetic sector one of the biggest markets in the whole of the African continent.

However, we see that the Vegan beauty range is slowly starting to dominate our markets as consumers who are predominately millennials are becoming more self-aware about the benefits of using Vegan cosmetics environmentally and individually.

I’m part of the crowd…

Let’s face it ladies, who wouldn’t want an all-rounder beauty product that not only respects the value of nature as we know it but also having the ability to make us glow effortlessly without the additional chemicals that cause much more damage then we would like to admit.

In this instance, one of the vegan products that are seemingly making a great name for themselves in South Africa at the moment is a local skincare brand known as “Skin Affair” which was founded 3 years ago by a group of expertized individuals that saw a need in our current market. These group of products which are made available on purchase at www.skinaffair.co.za or www.deluxeshop.co.za makes this brand special and perhaps fall under my “top favourite” list because it is proudly South African.

Many of the brands that we so popularly praise today especially within the African continent are normally founded in European, Asian or American locations whereby exploitation is usually the epicenter of their production processes. Additionally, many of those brands sell products that promote exclusion because they’re not as familiar with their consumers as they claim to be but strangely enough, we applaud them anyways despite the obvious and sometimes rather insulting gap.

It is good to see and witness Africa being part of the process in shaping industries including that of the cosmetic world and seeing individuals of a local background ”take up space” as current Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi had confidently declared.

Secondly, I would say another big factor that makes this brand special and rather sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it seeks to provide quality products in a manner that is not dependent on the exploitation of nature and its people.

In the cosmetic industry, with every beauty comes a beast that remains hidden to the public’s knowledge. It would be a very tough pill to swallow if you had to find out that many of your favourite brands are directly responsible for inhumane injustices that include for example child and forced labour sourced predominantly in African and South Asian countries, additionally if you’re a pet lover like myself, animal testing where certain species are usually caged in very confined spaces and pricked with long needles every second of the day.

It is no doubt that vegan cosmetics are the new “Prada” and I honestly can’t wait to see the booming of this industry in its full glories especially in Africa where our continent is the heart of our nature, the very nature that we need to protect so as to live a sustainable and safe world.

I must of course add that it’s about a time a girl is offered a new range of products that will unquestionably make her feel good without the additional discomfort that comes to wondering whether or not her face might be veiled with cancerous chemicals which are not plant based.

For once, looking beautiful won’t feel like such a costly sacrifice personally, medically and environmentally.

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”
~ Aristotle.

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