Why Google Ads are fundamental for a business.

What are Google ads ?
Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program. Google offers paid advertisements that appear in search engine results pages with the use of Google Adwords. Through Google Ads, you can create online paid marketing ads to reach out to the maximum number of people that are interested in the products & services that you offer. The Google Ads run on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, i.e. you will have to pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.  

Google Ads are used to promote your business, help sell products or services, increase website traffic, and brand awareness in the people.

Why Google ads are fundamental for business :

– Google Ads are faster and more effective:

• You can focus on multiple keywords.

• Google Ads that appear on the top of the page get visible immediately.

• You can turn on or off the campaign whenever you want to.

Helps In Increasing Brand Awareness

When people hear Google Ads, they think of increasing the leads and driving more traffic to the website through pay-per-click ads on SERP. But, what they don’t know about Google Ads is that it is way more versatile than that. Google Ads can be used as a great tool to give exposure to your brand and building brand awareness among people. Google Ads puts you at the top of the search results, which means anyone who is searching for keywords that you are focusing on will be exposed to your brand and what you have to say.

Helps in Increasing Leads & Customers

One of the best benefits of advertising on Google is it helps in increasing leads and customers very quickly. One of the most common goals of business owners is to generate more leads and gain more customers. Google Ads is one of the best platforms for lead generation. It allows you to target the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

This could be your business’s products or services which means you can keep on refining your searches so that only those who want to purchase your products or services are directed to your websites with the help of this platform.

Google Ads allows you to reach the huge audience that Google has, and direct these people to your website.

Competitive Edge

When someone searches for something related to your product or services online and you are not running ads, but your competitors are, then this is the problematic situation for you. You’ll end up losing business almost instantly.

For a competitive edge, you need to know the strategies of your competitors as well, how they are promoting their business, what kind of ads they run, etc. You can easily keep an eye on this with the help of Google Ads because of its transparency.

Google Ads Is A Flexible Marketing Platform

Any person who uses Google Ads regularly will immediately tell you that it is a flexible marketing platform. This means that it is suitable for all sizes and types of businesses.

Campaigns can easily be customized to target specific online users. You can target people using different devices, people in different locations, and people on different websites owned by Google where Google Ads appear.


Remarketing is a way to connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It helps you to strategically position your Google ads in front of these audiences when they again browse Google or its partner websites. This helps in increasing your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a final purchase.

Reach Your Marketing Goals

You can take advantage of different ad formats and features to customize your ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals like adding a clickable “Call-to-action” button to your ads.

Targeted Advertising in Google AdWords

Google Ads or PPC Marketing allows you to choose specific interests for you to target your audience. The three most common ways to target your audience with Google Ads are:

Ads Competitor Targeting

You can show ads to people who are interested in your competitor’s brand/service. Targeting competitor’s keywords on Ads is the easiest way to steal your competitor’s leads, traffic, and sales. You simply have to bid on their terms and showcase why a visitor should choose your company over your competitor
These are just  the tip of the Google ads iceberg . Stick around for more Google news .

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