What Kind Of Content Can You Create For LinkedIn

There are a few types of content you can post on LinkedIn, and the best content strategy involves a combination of all of them. The content format you choose is the most important thing to start strong.

LinkedIn is often used as a content marketing channel but the content needs to be relevant and creative for your target audience. Content that goes viral on LinkedIn is aimed at a broad audience. The audience for the kind of content we create for LinkedIn will be different from your blog.

When you share a blog post on LinkedIn, you attract people interested in what you have to say. The content that goes viral on LinkedIn hits a common vein of people, and when it reaches a large group, the discussion of the content goes through the roof.

A LinkedIn survey of more than 9,000 members found that 44% of them said the last content they read was inspirational on LinkedIn. One of my clients posted a 60-second video on the topic, based on a LinkedIn post she had written on the same topic. The video gave her audience relevant information that boosted traffic to the article and deepened engagement.

When you create content that you can share on LinkedIn, you keep your business goals and brand in mind. Share and create content that is relevant to your goals and target audience.

If your goal is lead generation, your updates will be linked to landing pages, ebooks, or whitepapers. When it comes to brand awareness, your posts can be linked to your corporate website, or you can post a blog post announcing a new product feature or enhancement.

In a world where there is too much content, it can be difficult getting you more effective and valuable posts on your LinkedIn page and to grow your following. For a little nudge, you might decide to run a test that generates 5 different types of posts and 1 piece of content to show you what real results can be achieved
Sharing your blog posts on the platform is a great way to increase reach, brand awareness and engagement.

LinkedIn gives less priority to content on its corporate pages and more to content published on its profiles. People want to connect with people. Building the like and trust factor is through human connection, not sales messages and content about the business. People want to get to know YOU!

It’s not enough to have a big profile, you have to prove your expertise and publish content that appeals to your target market. LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world, and people turn to LinkedIn even when we are not personally networking.

What other kinds of content do you create on LinkedIn?

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