What is a Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit is thorough website analysis. This helps you assess the performance of your website. For example, an SEO Technical Audit can assess the speed of your website and the number of backlinks you have to name a few.

The technical SEO Audit can include over 250 different criteria including things such as:
‘Robots’ meta configuration to ensure search engines can crawl your pages.
Page load time.
Sitemap structure and format.
Canonical page references.
Broken links and page crawl problems.
Page source code that slows the speed of the website.
Technical SEO audit contains the following eight components:
• Backlink Competitive Analysis: This analysis helps you assess the quality of your backlinks and compare them with your competitors.

• Spam Link Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether you’re receiving spam links – links from spammy directories, paid links, broken links and hidden links.

• Content Keywords Analysis: This analysis helps you determine how Google interprets your website based on the content provided on your site.

• Website Speed Analysis: This analysis helps you assess the speed of your website on desktop as well as mobile and ways to improve it.

• Social Sharing Button Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether you’ve included social media sharing icons on your blogs and other pages of your website.

Duplicate Content Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether there’s more than one version of a webpage indexed by Google. For example, each page should have only one URL. For example, you can’t have https://www.domainname.com and http://www.domainname.com. This will confuse Google and don’t know which pages to index.

• Javascript Test Analysis: This analysis helps you assess whether content on your website still appears when Javascript is disabled.

• Content Audit Analysis: This analysis helps you determine you’ve included unique and relevant meta descriptions, meta keywords, SEO-friendly URLs, title tags, alt text to images, and other attributes on your website.

Benefits of a Technical SEO Audit
There is a large number of benefits for conducting an SEO audit. This can feel overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start.

I am highlighting some of the most important benefits:
An SEO audit will reveal the weaknesses of your website.

The SEO audit clearly points out any weaknesses in your SEO strategy and recommend fixes for them. Example: The image on a certain page does not include alt-text information or there is a broken link.

An SEO audit indicates your direct competitors’ information.
By doing a competitor analysis you can see what keywords they are using, their domain authority, the number of backlinks and their visibility on the World Wide Web. Knowing this, you can easily see how you can improve your SEO strategy.

An SEO audit shows you a new focus on your SEO strategy.
At the end of the SEO audit, you will have a comprehensive checklist of actions that you can take to improve your SEO. For example, adding meta descriptions to blog posts and other pages, making your website faster and mobile-friendly.
It lets you know what specific steps you can take to improve your domain authority.
Domain authority was developed by the SEO software company, Moz. Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts a website’s ability to rank on search result pages or SERPs.The domain authority ranges from a score of 1 – 100. The higher the score, the better your website will rank.

It is easier to increase domain authority from 1 to 20 in relation to from 50 to 80. One must remember that it takes a long time to increase the domain authority. Sometimes it can take 6 months, other times a year or even 2 years. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

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