Virtual Business accelerator

After more than 10 years of exploring, research and practice, I realized that there is a missing link in the value chain to have a pipeline serving entrepreneurship from cradle to grave. This link is a private sector operated virtual business elevator to fill the gap between services rendered by governmental organisations and private organisations successfully exploiting niche aspects.
To test my assumption I launched a pilot for a Virtual Business Baseline Assessment.
Accelerators have proven its ability to unlock this potential. This virtual pilot program was initially offered for three months from 5 September 2016 and took off with 53 delegates on board for a three-month experience. The participants respectively were 5% in a Growth, 15 % in Start-up and 80 % in Pre-Start-up business.
We’re very excited to be bringing this new iteration of our unique enablement program to the world. A country and the world’s economy is built upon ambitious entrepreneurs
Since then it have evolved to a business elevator program offered in 6-week modules for incubation, acceleration and growth stages, all starting with a baseline assessment, as is offered in this portal.

Marketing Level

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