These non-alcoholic drinks sound a fruitful ‘clink’ to our glasses.

“Every Empty bottle is filled with stories”


The alcohol ban in South Africa has everybody talking and in deep regret for not stocking up on their favorite drinks before President, Cyril Ramaphosa sounded his calls during the lockdown. Many took to their social media platforms to throw a few heartfelt tantrums about the national ordeal and how the decision itself can ultimately affect the winery industry and those who are employed under its sector. There’s more to life than being a consumer that enjoys the luxuries of a bubbly drink because in reality jobs are at stake for those who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

Talking about magic flickering around the spheres of this industry, not all is doom and gloom for those like myself who simply enjoy the extravagance of being a non-alcoholic drinker still being able to sip towards the bottomless pits of sparkling tastes, brimming with flavours that end one’s day off with a melodic sound in the background to add to the serene experience. A lifestyle doesn’t necessarily need to be defined as a potent drink being concluded as an end to someone’s happiness and I think this is perhaps the reason why so many non-alcoholic’s presume that their choice of lifestyle does not make them a preferable target market for alcoholic brands. This article is here to prove otherwise because hey, I can totally relate to the above phenomena. Two classics that automatically come to mind which in my personal view, add the value of giving life a “new twist” for the non-alcoholic’s taste buds is the icetropez 0% as well as a newly launched non-alcoholic brand known as HIMMELSTUND.

icetropez bidding for the crown?

Charismatically quenching our thirst with just a glance of their scenic bottle design, icetropez has been around long enough to make us want more of their secrets which persuade us into stocking up on their product obsessively. “Made in France, loved in South Africa as they simply put slogan portrays, this popular alcohol brand offers sparkling wine cocktails infused with white peach and a whole lot of lip biting after the first indulgence. They cater for both lovers of potent drinkers (alcoholic) and those who prefer the sweeter side of life (non-alcoholic) which makes them a brand that has sincerely broadened their target market to fit all who desire to be part of their journey. I love myself a brand that sees itself in the eyes of the consumers and perhaps this is the reason why icetropez is a dynasty of itself.

HIMMELSTUND- humble beginners are winners in the making.

Another personal classic of mine that I couldn’t help but make mention of is HIMMELSTUND, a Swedish source of delicacy with a name as enthralling as its appeal. What makes this brand interesting is that they’ve just recently launched in the South African market making them an upcoming powerhouse for the lookout in the industry. The brand is a purely non-alcoholic cider drink which is offered in 3 flavourful variants such as Apple, Raspberry and Elderflower giving definition to what it means to have a bowl of fruit personified in liquid form, elegantly and agelessly.

I personally enjoy the fact that HIMMELSTUND is not afraid to cater for a market that is predominantly considered beneath the value, additionally their customer service makes it all the reason why a salute is in order. They are as good as they look and with every sip that touches the lips, their distinct flavour not only makes you savor the moment but it makes you appreciate the memory that’s brought forth by the moment–that’s a rarity no price tag can define.

So after reading this, one of three things could have happened,

1. Your cravings are at its peaks and you need a hookup.

2. Like myself, you’re a non-alcoholic drinker who is ecstatic that there are brands that know your existence is worth the value and quality.

3. You’re on stalker-mode and want to know more about the hype I’ve illustrated behind these two brands and whether my review is worth the sacrifice of your data?

Well, I was definitely not going to leave you out in the dark because that would make me a really bad blogger so here are the “deets” to the two gated heavens:

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