There is More to the Soothing Aroma – Come to the Sanctuary Day Spa And Improve Your Mental Health!

The Sanctuary Day Spa is more than a Spa. It is an experience! It is an oasis of calm, and a source of rejuvenation! A distinguishing feature of the Sanctuary Day Spa is the ever present rich yet soothing and calming aromas from Afrika, India, France, United States, local and other mid-eastern countries. The confluence of aromas is derived from the products used and sold for treatment as well as from the incenses that are lit daily. The end result is that all of your worries, troubles, stresses, and anxieties are transferred to another world, leaving you in a good mood and in a good mental state. Are you curious to know what role aromatherapy plays in achieving this effect? Sanctuary Day Spa got you covered.

Research has shown that aromatherapy activates areas in your nose call smell receptors which relay messages to your nervous system and then to your brain. Those messages often activate the limbic system which in return positively influence your emotions. Consequently, aromatherapy can ease stress and anxiety, boost feelings of relaxation as well as stimulate renewed energy in the body. All of aforementioned benefits have the potential to improve overall health and this is why you should plan on visiting Sanctuary Day Spa, where you will immerse yourself in a peaceful and nourishing environment.

The Sanctuary awaits your presence. Come and embrace this experience! A plethora of pleasant, and soothing aromas welcome you!

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