The last day of lockdown

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in South Africa, we have been on lock down for the last 35 days, all confined within our homes and spending quality time with our families and pets. This experience has been particularly challenging for my Grade 12’s, as well as all my younger students, as most of them have not have access to Wi-Fi and limited data during this period, so it has been difficult for us to remain in touch. In the few days’ warning that we had, I set work for each student in the easier subjects, so that at least some of their classwork will be complete. I also sent portfolio work to my Grade 12’s via Vuyo’s access to data and hope that they have managed to complete some of their tasks. The next few weeks, as we try to catch up in the more difficult subjects and outstanding portfolio tasks before exams is going to be difficult but I know all my students are determined, focused and motivated and nothing is impossible for them.

Marketing Level

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