The Gifting Season

Here we are again at this time of the year when the Gifting Season always seems to become a roller coaster ride for suppliers, business and clients alike. No matter how well one tries to plan there will always be those last minute orders arriving. As well as the impossible gift requests to do at short notice. But here at Yabulela Gift Hampers we really do try and make every effort to assist anyone that requests a gift from us.

Even those who land at our doorstep with an urgent and short notice gift order. While not always possible to assist a client in the specified time frame, we do our best to get as close as possible.

Gifting Season – Christmas Time

This is never more true than over the year-end period and the Festive Season. And we believe that this year will not be much different than any before. We will most likely see that sudden spurt of international gift orders arriving on our desk just before we close. We love to assist our international clients in any way we can as often they cannot be with family and friends over the Festive Season every year.

Where we can we try to assist within 24 hours of the gift being ordered and paid for in full, pending stock availability on our shelves at theĀ  time.

And it’s a really proud moment when we manage to create a gorgeous gift in a matter of hours to assist our clients from all over the world.
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