The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Your customer is part of the 4IR — Are you?
An article by Cobus Visser
All of my research and experience suggests that marketing will flourish and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution — an era of promising and disruptive new technologies.
Companies looking for growth opportunities need to transform to compete and win in this evolving global economy. In addition to building on their principal technical capabilities and obtaining the missing pieces to develop solutions for their customers, they must modernise their marketing strategies and position themselves to be more effective at reaching and influencing 4IR customers.
Cobus Visser is a leadership expert and business & marketing consultant ; his main goal is to educate and influence companies to make use of more modern technology and for business owners to utilise as many possible platforms to grow their clientele and influence their sector.

Are you a business owner that wants to use social, digital and conventional methods as a Marketing Tool in your business to generate LEADS and sales, create brand awareness or just increase your brand credibility?
If your answer is YES!! then I would like to invite you to my ‘Mastering Marketing’ seminar on the 27th of March — let me help you learn how to use all media and marketing tools for business in 2020!

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