The best time to enhance your life is NOW!

My “quarantine” did not start because of the pandemic but when my mother had a terminal illness and I decided to return to Peru to be with her.

I was one of those who worked excessively, participated in multiple activities, and although I didn’t have children, I never “had time” for myself. Deep down, I knew that I had to make a change in my life since I was not physically well, but I was doing nothing about it.

From one moment to another this changed, my focus was on my mommy and the places I frequented were hospitals and pharmacies. It was not easy. I needed to be strong, so through prayers, meditations and holistic therapies I found the strength to face those moments and was able to accept the situation and feel calm and at peace with myself.

If you mix water and oil in a bottle and then shake it, you will not be able to distinguish them, but when you let it rest you will be able to see them clearly. I compare this to our lives. When we are in constant movement, we stop listening, seeing and most importantly… feeling! The busy life doesn’t allow us to be able to listen to our inner self, our inner light that is our compass. It is only when we take time to connect and listen to ourselves that we clearly see it.

Don’t expect dramatic events to force you to change your life. Take time to stop on a daily basis, listen to your heart, connect with yourself and be you. It would be the best investment of your day! You will feel empowered, in harmony and happy.

This is my story. I would be very excited to learn about yours. Contact me if you can. I’d love to hear from you!

With love and light,


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