It is a doorway into ourselves, to our awareness.

This technique has the capacity to concentrate a large amount of high frequency energy in a controlled environment, or closed circuit, comprised of quartz crystal tips in a pyramid shape. This high frequency energy has the ability to remove blockages from a client’s energetic field, taking them to a place of peace and tranquillity. However, there is actually much more happening during a session of Tameana, since the energy work has an effect on all of the client’s planes of existence. It works on all levels of the body and has no linear time, so can work on what we know as past, present and future times, and the issues that need to be addressed and healed.

Tameana helps relieve stress, remove any blockages on any level, balances chakras and helps the body’s frequency to become in tune with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. It raises awareness/consciousness/vibration so we can see our reality from a different perspective – from our soul! It brings great internal transformation so we can feel we are one and in harmony with everything that surrounds us, connect to ourselves and our life purpose!

A Tameana session usually lasts between 45-60 mins depending on the needs of the client.There are many benefits to Tameana.
Some areas where improvement is seen in the body are:

Reduced stress levels
Better sleeping patterns
Depression and anxiety eased
Pain management and overall better health.
During a session the client always remains fully clothed. You may experience different sensations i.e. hot/cold, see colours or visions, or just be asleep or feel a sense of calm, peace and joy. Some clients may feel or sense nothing. There is no right or wrong to what you feel. Everyone and every experience is different.

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