Step By Step VISION BOARD making

You can watch a video to explain it all in my you tube channel

How to create a structured Vision Board to help you reach the goals of your life!
Step 1
Complete the Life wheel questionnaire so get your circle of life graph, and to understand the principles of the life wheel.
There is a link to this questionnaire on my exellerate webpage under the coaching tab! You can complete the test there and receive your graph. If you struggle please do not hesitate to email me.

Step 2
For each of the 8 aspects of the life wheel write down 3 goals on how you want to either IMPROVE it or ACHIEVE in that area of your life!

Now you have done your “research/homework” for your vision board,
the fun creative part to follow:

Step 3
This is the creative practical side of making it visual!
Looking at the Goals that you have identified, take some time and search magazines for pictures that depict your goal in a visual way. Do cut outs of all items relevant.
TIP – do not use too large pictures that will overshadow all the rest – use pictures of more or less the similar size taking in consideration only two or three pictures will fit into the space.

Step 4
Prepare the Canvas – fill in a nice background colour (using paint and wetwipe to spread it)
Draw a circle with a plate and divide into 8 sections(pizza)
These sections will form the basis for you to paste your images into.

Step 5
Prepare the bucket for your bucket list action items. You make the bucket from carton and paste it in the open area at the bottom and then you take the goals you identified, print it out and paste it unto individual “bookmarks/cards/sticks” to put into the bucket so you can use each one individually…
(Bucket should be aout 8 x 8 cm)

Step 6
Paste your pictures into the eight areas as per your goals:

Step 7
The Final aspect – cut a square block 10 x 10 cm and paste in the top corner – On this block you will define your own personal Mission Statement! If you have a mission statement you can fill this in – If not – refer to my Session on “ HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT”

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