Solution-focused brief coaching

Short, simple and successful
Like other service providers, especially in these
times of rapid change, coaches must ensure a high
level of performance and excellent results. Professionals undertaking coaching are looking for the quickest possible success. And the personal skills clients can develop through coaching are among the most sought-after qualities in the modern business world.
More than enough reason, therefore, to examine the
efficiency of the coaching process in greater detail.
Which factors are crucial in achieving coaching
success as simply as possible?
Which assumptions will help you to reach the goal as
quickly as possible?
Which activities should you avoid to maximize your
efficiency as a coach?
In solution-focused brief coaching, questions are asked in such a way as to move the client’s attention to the level of solutions. Instead of discussing problems, difficulties and causes, the coach explores with the client desired goals ,
exceptions which have led to success in the past (times when the problem did not occur), and solutions (the changes that will have occurred once the goal is reached) as well as existing resources

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