Scary stats about customers

Running a successful business in today’s economy is not easy.  People think twice before spending money and go searching for bargains or better deals all the time.

The best ways for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to know your customers well and to deliver world-class customer service.

Just look at the benefits of excellent customer service:

A whopping 93% of customers will buy again from companies who deliver excellent customer service.
73% of customers stay loyal due to excellent customer service.
77% of customers will recommend a brand after receiving good customer service.
17% is what customers will spend more at a company that delivers great service.
Source: Hubspot
But on the flipside …

91% of unhappy customer will leave without complaining.
89% of customers will switch to a competitor after bad customer service.
95% of customers tell friends and family about a bad shopping experience.
39% of customers will avoid a brand for 2 years or more after receiving bad service.
Source: Smallbizgenius
Have you wondered why customers leave?  A study by Finance Online showed that 68% of customers believe companies don’t care about them or their needs.  So it is no surprise then that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offers the following benefits:

77% of customer value brands that seek customer feedback
84% of companies who value the customer experience show an increase in revenue
81% of companies view the customer experience as an competitive advantage
80% of customers will do repeat business if a company offers personalised service.
Source: Forbes
 A customer-centric culture boosts customer satisfaction, but it is just as important to boost employee satisfaction. Happy and attentive employees create a positive experience for your customers.

Companies with happy employees show 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.
Source: OutboundEngine

 At The Productivity lab CC we focus on helping you keep your customers for life and your employees happy and loyal.

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