Product Photography vs Cellphone Shots

As photographer I would be expected to tell you that you need to have professional photos taken, as it is my source of income. However with technology improving constantly, the cameras in our phones have many more megapixels than the standard DSLR cameras. So do you spend money on having your products photographed professionally, or will you get away with using your phone?

I believe the answer lies in what you want to achieve. Do you want a styled photoshoot displaying your products with added elements for contrast and effective online shopping? Or do you want to add some photos to social media to show your friends and family what you are selling? Representing your product as accurately as possible will save you time and money in the long run.

Product photography is the process of displaying your products as clearly and attractive as possible. The process of adding elements which compliment your product is called styling. Whether you are selling shampoo and you display the products that go into the shampoo, or if you are selling meat and adding herbs and spices to the picture, this styling process gives your product more appeal to prospects than a photo taken with a phone.

Lighting has a large role to play in product photography. Products can be fully lit for an airy feel, or partially lit for stark contrast. Your product is unique. Lighting it to give your unique brand across is where professional product photography expertise comes in.

Backdrops used for the photoshoot can vary from outdoors and indoors, one colour for example white, or a variety of textures. Using a plain backdrop can put a lot of focus on the prodcut it self. However adding different textures can give a different feel to your product.

Post processing is the last process in product photography. The final touches make your product pop. The editing involved is cropping, white balance, and increasing the saturation of colours.

I would highly encourage you to have your products photographed, styled and edited so you can make the most sales without stressing about how to present the products to your prospects.

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