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Power thinking – how that way you think can change the way you lead
Most people were never formally taught thinking skills. As a result leaders and entrepreneurs are trying to succeed using thinking patterns developed before they were twelve years old to reach decision and solve problems.

Power Thinking offers the information required to evaluate current thinking proficiencies, determine areas for improvement, and enhance standardized assessment measure that enable you to determine your abilities in the cognitive domains found to be crucial to being an outstanding leader.

I believe that powerful thinking can be taught and that most, if not all, people can learn how to do it. It involves accepting new principles and taking simple actions repeatedly until they become an ingrained part of the thinking process. Once leaders have developed their thinking competencies, they will have the ability to apply the strategies shown to be the most conductive to reaching sound decisions more quickly, solving problems more effectively, and thinking more creatively. They will also be better prepared to Identify and strategically confront the issues that are most important to the current and future wellbeing of their organizations.

What is a Power Thinker?

The term Power Thinker describes the skill levels that exemplary leaders possess and regularly use in the performance of their responsibilities. It connotes not only the high level of proficiency they have in the area of thinking but also the manner in which they employ cognitive strategies in their actions as leaders

Power thinkers possess exceptional ability in the three major thinking domains of reasoning, insight, and self-knowledge and are highly skilled in the internal and external processes that constitute them

• Located in an individual’s conscious mind, reasoning is where the mind reaches decision and solved problems after a great deal of though by using knowledge that it already possesses. It is the mind’s way of taking thought-filled action.
• Insight is an individual’s ability to know and act without giving prior conscious though to an issue.
• Self-knowledge encompasses clearly defined and well-known attitutudes, beliefs and cognitive understandings possessed by an individual.
• Internal cognition refers to the mental strategies used to develop highly effective decisions, problem solutions, and creative thought.
• External cognition refers to the actions these individuals take as a consequence of the thoughts that emanated from their internal cognition.
The Yale Assessment of Thinking (YAT)
The YAT measures the behaviors that were found to be characteristic of power thinkers. This assessment’s normative benchmarks are based on the performance of these individuals. The YAT will provide you with in-depth and meaningful data as to the proficiency of your thinking skills:

Marketing Level

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