Parys: The perfect small town weekend escape

Parys is wowing more and more locals with its unique charm. It has become a quaint weekend hideaway for stressed-out people from Gauteng. Weekends, the shops and streets buzz with activity. It has also become a preferred destination for weddings and a lot of guesthouses, such as The French Affaire, provides accommodation for the guests. Parys has also become the home for a lot of artists, such as Mariaan Kotze, Hennie Coetzee and Coral Fourie. The Vaal River is one of the main attractions and outdoor activities such as white water rafting is a popular activity. Other activities include day workshops at Trunnell mosaic shop, skydiving, hiking and many more for adults as well as kids. The Vredefort Dome tour is one of many visitor’s highlights, as it is one of the largest and oldest known astrobleme or impact crater on Earth. Surely, Parys is definitely worth a visit.

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