Our Story

I grew up in the middle of the Kalahari Desert
in Werda, a small village in Southern Botswana
together with my grandparents who inspired me
to what now is Secret Kalahari. Both grew very
old (98 and 101 years), aged beautifully, and were
still fit until their last days. This got me curious
and passionate about the secret of my family’s
long lives.

Often, I wondered away on my donkey called
Rietbok into the scorching Kalahari sun exploring
the marvels of my surroundings. Even as a boy, I
already was an indigenous scientist. Eventually, I
found out about our family secret: our humbled

Donkey milk constituted a significant part of my
family`s daily nutrition. Most villagers looked
down upon the donkeys as they associated them
with poverty but we knew how precious they are.
Secret Kalahari is a proud indigenous family
enterprise producing organic soaps and other
beauty products like lotions and scrubs using
donkey milk. Our animals are loved and treated
with respect; it is our mandate to protect
donkeys from abuse and ill-treatment.

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