“We live between countless relationships: family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Life is good if these relationships are good. Being happy alone doesn’t take long.” The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, Haemin Sunim

Each of us appears in several different roles in life. In the old days, there were mostly significantly fewer of these roles. People acted as parents, partners, neighbors, farmers, perhaps active in the local religious community. Modern life has also brought us more opportunities and more roles – in addition to the above we are in relationships at work, members of various societies or communities, peering with different groups of friends, recreate, further education, etc.
Each role has a special vibration and we in parallel manage each role in its particular way. We can be successful or. at a high level in many different roles by being consciously conscious when:
– We are in touch with ourselves and acting is in line with our mission.
– We take into account that each role requires its protocol and each time we change the protocol corresponding to each role, to change our behavior depending on the role, environment, and relationships;

To be able to use our full potential in each of our roles, to be the best in it, we have to be present, to be in the right frequency. The process of transitions between the roles as well as within those roles is important. With the appropriate transition or. we manage to perform the transitions between individual roles with optimal energy. Contrary, with inappropriate transitions, we lose our energy, mental and psychic potential.
Our daily routines consists of a series of transitions between different roles, as well as within an individual role. Every morning when we get up, we make our first transition from rest to action. And the beginning of the day is already a transition. When we take children to school or kindergarten and go to work, we make a transition from a family to a job role. When we go to working place, we usually move from loneliness, into teamwork when we have to work with others. We also have several different passages at work. We are checking e-mails, studying materials, preparing for a meeting, attending meetings, having conference calls, etc. We go through our working day and afterward, we go to recreation, we socialize with friends and go shopping. We have another transition.
The pause and time between individual transitions between different roles are valuable opportunities, and the free spaces in which we stop to regenerate and gather energy prepare us in silence for the next role. During the transitions, we try to get into silence.
Life is based on successful manual transition management so that we know when we need to go forward, and when we also need to be able to put in reverse and go backward. Whether we go forward or backward, we need to know how to get to the parking lot and stop to get to nothing, to silence. It is the ignorance of managing these transitions, the inability to move into silence, that is the cause of stress, tension, nervous strokes, pessimism, …,

Think about how many roles you are in everyday life alone! And how do you usually transition between them? Do you pass on negative energy from a tense meeting or conflict situation? Do you move on to your next activity without a break, even though you are aware that a certain situation has energetically exhausted you and put you in a bad mood? Are you coming home to a family circle under the impression of stress from work? Do you lose your sense of presence and gratitude for life and others during the day? In these cases, you are probably not performing your next role optimally.
Next time, try moving from one activity to another as follows:
1. Close your eyes for a minute or two
2. Mentally repeat the word RELAX while commanding the body to release tension in the shoulders, neck, face, jaws, spine, legs, mind, and soul.
3. When you feel that you have released your tensions (and these, of course, cannot be all the tensions in our lives 😊), you go to the next part: SET YOUR INTENTION of what you want to cut off and how you want to feel about the next activity ahead. You may ask yourself: ‘What energy do I want to bring to the next role? How can I execute it with excellence? How could I enjoy the process?
With these simple and short activities, you can allow yourself to transition and perform your roles with less stress, with more energy and presence.

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